Homosexuals should be allowed to donate blood more easily

Carton of blood bags Now “group-related exclusion or deferral criteria” should no longer be permissible, and sexual orientation should no longer be a deferral criterion. (Foto: imago images/imagebroker) Berlin Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) wants to lift existing restrictions on homosexual men donating blood. This emerges from an amendment to the transfusion law that is […]

With a clear majority: Greens nominated Rottmann as mayor candidate | Regional

With a clear majority | Greens nominated Rottmann as mayor candidate Frankfurt – Now it’s official: The Greens are sending Bundestag deputy Manuela Rottmann (50) into the race as a candidate for Frankfurt’s mayor, Peter Feldmann, who was voted out. On Saturday afternoon, the general meeting of the Greens followed the proposal of the selection […]

The price of the dollar today, Thursday 3-11-2022

The price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound in banks operating in Egypt today, Thursday, at the National Bank of Egypt recorded 24.054 pounds for purchase, 24.15 pounds for sale, and in the Bank of Alexandria, it recorded 24.1 pounds for purchase, 24.20 pounds for sale, while Avi for the Central Bank of Egypt […]

Robert Habeck: Bailout announced for companies

Economics Minister Robert Habeck “Until we get the prices down, we’ll give the companies whatever help we can.” (Foto: IMAGO/Political-Moments) Berlin Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) has promised German companies comprehensive help in the energy crisis. “We will put up a broad rescue package,” he said on Thursday in the Bundestag. In concrete terms, […]

What advantage the property tax reform offers despite the chaos

Ifo-Chef Clemens Fuest The President of the ifo Institute considers the property tax reform to be “unnecessarily complicated”. He puts his hope in the states, which may implement the law better than the federal government. Mr. Fuest, Elster breakdowns, incomprehensible tax returns, obtaining umpteen documents: quite a few taxpayers capitulate before filling out the new […]

Özdemir ready to talk on suspension of set-aside

MÜNCHEN “When it comes to energy, we saw how bad it is to be open to blackmail,” Kaniber said of the feared stop in Russian gas supplies. Europe needs raw material security in all areas, including forestry and agriculture. The two politicians met at a panel discussion at the opening of the “Interforst” trade fair. […]

These are the winners of the Henrik Enderlein Prize

Stefanie Stantcheva The laureate is a Bulgarian-French economist. (Foto: Tyler Smith) Berlin He was an aspiring young scientist who was primarily concerned with economic issues and called for a common European social policy. In May 2021, however, Henrik Enderlein, at that time a professor at the Hertie School in Berlin, died of cancer at the age […]

The traffic light is not fighting against Corona, but with itself

Bundestag (Photo: IMAGO/Christian Spicker) Actually, Germany could look forward to the Corona autumn in a relaxed manner. Most are vaccinated, the majority even a third time. Many have gone through an infection. And the vaccine supplies are full – for example in the event that a booster vaccination for the cold season is necessary. Even […]