The majority sees the Ampel-Coalition as a new beginning

Robert Habeck – Christian Lindner Düsseldorf According to a Civey poll, a relative majority of 43 percent of voters are of the opinion that the measures presented in the coalition agreement of the traffic light coalition will advance Germany’s modernization, 16 percent are undecided, 41 percent are negative. Voters of the Greens and the SPD […]

Bundestag election: the preliminary official final result – politics

According to the preliminary official final result, the SPD with top candidate Olaf Scholz will be the strongest force in the federal election in 2021, the union with Armin Laschet follows in second place. The Greens with top candidate Annalena Baerbock landed in third place. The result at a glance: This results in several possible […]

So more debts are possible

Berlin The requirement sounds clear: “We will guarantee the necessary future investments within the framework of the constitutional debt brake, especially in climate protection, digitization, education and research as well as the infrastructure”, the SPD, FDP and the Greens have stated in their exploratory paper. So the traffic light coalition promises to raise enough money […]

More parcels on the rails: Deutsche Bahn wants to expand the transport network

Parcels are ready to be picked up in a hall Will these packages be transported on rails in the future? (Photo: dpa) Berlin Buy shoes, furniture or laptops with one click and have them delivered to your home: For many consumers in Germany, online shopping has long been part of everyday life. The corona crisis […]

Traffic light parties present proposal for a new corona legal basis

SPD, Greens and FDP The Bundestag first determined the special situation in March 2020 and last confirmed this at the end of August. (Foto: imago images/Mike Schmidt) Berlin It is the first joint legislative initiative of the traffic light parties: In the debate about the future legal basis for corona measures such as mask and contact […]

He is silent on the Kogler attack – briefly now submerged – politics

The ÖVP is foaming. In interviews, Kogler described the events that led to Kurz’s resignation. “Deliberately twisted”, so the turquoise. “It is important to clarify some things if they are not presented correctly, as was the case by Werner Kogler at the party congress of the Vienna Greens.” ÖVP General Secretary Axel Melchior does not […]

Jürgen Trittin defends Sarah-Lee Heinrich

Is Germany a “disgusting white majority society”? Jürgen Trittin defends this statement by the Greens Sarah-Lee Heinrich at Lanz. Elke Heidenreich is amazed: “What are everyone always offended immediately?” The guests “You speak great German. Where are you from, originally?” People who are obviously not related by blood to Elke Heidenreich know such sayings well […]