“When I found out about the possibility of coming, I did not hesitate”: Jhon Freddy Pajoy

Jhon Pajoy, a 32-year-old winger from Valle del Cauca, signed a contract and officially became a Junior player. The rojiblanco club made the official announcement this Thursday morning through its social networks. Pajoy, brother of fellow soccer player Lionard Pajoy, currently at Alianza Universidad de Perú, comes from Deportivo Pasto, where he completed an outstanding […]

Larry Vásquez also renewed with Junior

The steering wheel Larry Vásquez renewed his contract with Junior for the 2021 season. Through a statement on their social networks, the club highlighted the qualities of the player. “His dedication, hard work and discipline will certainly remain for the next year. Larry Vásquez, ‘Rojiblanco’ midfielder, renewed his contract and will be with our team […]

U.S. healthcare worker suffers allergic reaction to Pfizer vaccine

A healthcare worker from Alaska (USA) suffered a severe allergic reaction after receiving the vaccine against the covid-19 of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the third case of anaphylaxis in that state so far this week and the second that requires hospitalization. Health, a female doctor in the city of Fairbanks, experienced anaphylactic symptoms such as […]

Luis Amaranto Perea made merits to continue in Junior

Junior did not meet his 2020 goals. Conquering the title in the League and advancing, at least, to the semifinal of the South American Cup (after the elimination in the Copa Libertadores) were the objectives that were fought after the resumption of professional football in middle of the pandemic. They were not impossible. In fact, […]

Coquimbo 0, Junior 1: a sad victory

Another illusion that vanished. Another dream that got away. Junior closed 2020 with a sad victory. Despite beating Coquimbo Unido 1-0 last night, at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso municipal stadium, the rojiblanco team said goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana in the quarterfinals by losing 2-1 in the first leg at the Metropolitano stadium. The Chilean […]

The seven reasons for Junior’s elimination

The ‘tenth’ will have to wait. Junior saw his dream of reaching his fourth consecutive League final cut short, after falling 2-1 against América de Cali, at the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium, in a match wrapped up in vicissitudes, errors and controversies, which ended up condemning the ‘Tiburon’. It was not easy for the rojiblanco […]

Historic opportunity to contain COVID-19

Given the effects generated by the coronavirus at a global level, the world hopes to have a vaccine that can protect us. That is why multiple studies are being carried out to verify the efficacy of the vaccine and to implement an immunization plan to contain Covid – 19. Colombia participates in clinical trials to […]

Reconstruction of Providencia “is going slowly, but surely”

What used to be the X-ray of a tragedy: streets full of rubble and ruined vegetation, today is summed up in solitude. The streets of Providencia already look clear, about 50 tons of rubble and 300 tons of waste have already been removed. Now it is silence and calm – which, as they say, precedes […]

Why are children less affected by the virus?

Statistics show children as one of the populations with fewer records for infections with Covid-19. A study recently published by the specialized journal Nature reports that the scientific community is “puzzled” by this trend. In the case of Colombia, the National Institute of Health (INS) records that until December 12 there have been 24,020 infections […]