Covid outbreak after party at the Universidad del Atlántico

According to the Universidad del Atlántico, due to the positive cases, real-time monitoring has been carried out by the scientific team of the Molecular Biology Laboratory. For this reason, a call has been made to the college community to resume the self careas well as the supply of implements for biosecurity to safeguard the health […]

“Lady Pimp, Liliana del Carmen Campo Puello, Released on Probation by Court”

Liliana del Carmen Campo Puellobetter known as ‘The Lady’, for his relationship with pimping in the city of Cartagena, was set free by decision of the Third Court for the Execution of Sentences and Security Measures of Ibagué, Tolima, under the substitute mechanism of probation, on May 26. <!– Lea también… –> <!– –> <!– […]

“Former Colombian Magistrate Appeals to International Instances for Legal Protection”

Once the legal resources in Colombia have been exhausted and with a sentence ratified by the felony of concussionit was learned that the former magistrate Jorge Ignacio Pretelt Chaljub he would go to international instances in search of more guarantees in his process. <!– Lea también… –> <!– –> <!– –> 2023-05-07 14:27:51 1683488069 #Defense […]

“Cottage’s Speed and Ability Trouble Opponents in Another Good Game”

The former Junior player had a good game, taking advantage, once again, of his speed and ability to put the team’s defenses in trouble. ‘Cottage’. He wasn’t close to scoring, but he did help his teammates reach goal position several times. Díaz, who scored the previous day, in Liverpool’s 4-3 win against Tottenham, accumulates 179 […]

Robots achieved the birth of two babies and could reduce the costs of in vitro fertilization

According to scientists, this technology would reduce treatment costs and help more people have access to the in vitro fertilization. This was stated in a publication in the magazine Technology Review from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH). For this breakthrough, engineers at Barcelona, ​​Spain, designed a sperm injection robot that was sent to the […]