Mexican Man and Son Chase Bear in Terrifying Mountain Encounter

MEXICO CITY (appro).– “What lesson did Ponchito have in all this, or is it an anecdote?” but now he gained notoriety for sharing that a bear chased him with his son. “Ponchito jumped in level. That your mom chases you in a pass to hit him, a bear chases him. But what (sic) good teaching […]

Wendy Guevara’s Social Media Journey: From Fame to Hacked Account

Written in SHOWS on 8/16/2023 5:06 PM One of the main work tools for Wendy Guevara are social networks, through which she became known and with which she began to get sponsors, and gave her the opportunity to be called to participate in ‘La Casa de los Famosos ‘, The Televisa program launched fame influence […]

Sergio Mayer breaks down in tears after gala, expressing concerns for his children

Sergio Mayer cries after gala In the room of the house of celebritiesMayer shed some tears when thinking about her children: “What worries me is missing them.” “Don’t say that,” Wendy asked. “You never know, if it’s tomorrow… I’m raising them for that, but it takes time… The fact of thinking that they may be […]

How much money has Nicola Porcella earned in The House of Celebrities?

How much money has Nicola Porcella earned in The House of Celebrities? August 9, 2023 · 10:25 pm El popular reality show “The House of the Famous Mexico” has been a scene of challenges, emotions and surprises throughout the weeks, and one of the contestants who has captured the attention of the public is the […]

Controversial Clash Erupts in ‘The House of Famous Mexico’ Elimination Gala

During the last elimination gala, Celery Quijanoseventh eliminated from “The House of Famous Mexico”, He was part of the debate table where the strategies of the finalists of the program were discussed. However, things got heated after Apio and the panelist René Franco had a strong discussion that generated an atmosphere of tension during this […]

The House of the Famous: Who Will Be Eliminated on Sunday July 30?

The House of the Famous It’s two weeks away from completion. However, in this episode sunday july 30 From 2023, the program will say goodbye to one more member of the show: Will it be time to say goodbye to Sergio Mayer, Jorge Losa or Poncho de Nigris? Derived from the popularity of each one, […]