More than 20 Israeli date brands flood the world, Muslims call for a boycott

Muslims in France have called for a boycott of Israeli dates during Ramadan. Photo/ WEST BANK – As many as 75% of Medjoul dates around the world that are marketed as “Israeli products”, are grown on Palestinian land stolen by the Zionists. Of these, most of the dates are grown in illegal Israeli settlements in […]

Israelis Blame Ben-Gvir for Shooting at Jerusalem Synagogue

Rewrite this content loading… Israelis blame Itamar Ben-Gvir for the shooting at the Jerusalem synagogue. Photo/New Arabic TEL AVIV – Minister of Security Israel Itamar Ben-Gvir was criticized by Jewish settlers after visiting the site of a deadly shooting in occupied East Jerusalem on Friday night. According to Israeli media, settlers hold Ben-Gvir responsible for […]

40 Countries Urge Israel to Lift Palestinian Authority Sanctions

NEW YORK – About 40 countries have urged Israel to lift the sanctions imposed on the Palestinian Authority earlier this month. The sanctions were imposed in retaliation for pushing for the UN’s top court to vote on the Israeli occupation. On December 30, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution seeking opinions from the International […]