Traffic jam… right on the Italian!

Khaled Al-Malik, who is the editor-in-chief of the Saudi newspaper Al-Jazeera as well as the head of the Saudi Journalists Association, wrote an article entitled “Traffic Congestion: Is There a Solution?”He meant the traffic congestion in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, which he described as unbearable, calling on the Saudi traffic to reveal its plans to […]

The best gaming laptops for 2023

If you want to play electronic computer games anywhere and anytime, then the laptop is the device you are looking for, because it is the portable alternative to powerful and large desktop computers. But there are a lot of things you should know that go beyond the power of the device. The best hardwareYes, a […]

Advanced imaging technologies in the new “Xiaomi 13” phone

It uses professional Leica lenses… and high-speed wired and wireless charging The Xiaomi 13 phone was recently launched in the Arab region, which offers very high performance levels and advanced imaging capabilities, in an elegant design, extended battery life, and high wired and wireless charging speeds. The phone is impressive for daily uses, photography and […]

New mid-range phones and tablets in the Arab region

Advanced features and high levels of performance with elegant design at a moderate price Mid-range mobile devices continue to offer new technological advancements at a moderate price point, which explains the increasing desire of users to own them. Among the devices that were recently launched in the Arab region are the Honor X8a phone with […]

Muawiya’s assassination! | The Middle East

In an interview with colleague Khaled Madkhali’s program “A Direct Question” on Al-Arabiya, the Saudi writer and researcher Abdullah Al-Rasheed raised several points in his talk about the way to deal with Islamic history, and about the personality of Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan after the controversy that took place around him recently.An important point raised […]

A reading of the Saudi-Iranian agreement

A large number of comments followed the announcement of the Saudi-Iranian agreement, which was signed with the active participation of China. It is natural that this agreement brings so many comments, some of which you feel are an attempt to explain, while others you feel are an attempt to mislead.Those with knowledge received the agreement […]

The risk of an asteroid hitting Earth in 2046 has diminished

The risk of an asteroid hitting Earth in 2046 has diminished Thursday – 24 Shaaban 1444 AH – March 16, 2023 AD Issue number [ 16179] The small moon asteroid as seen by the spacecraft (Reuters) Paris – London: «Asharq Al-Awsat» The chances of an asteroid the size of an Olympic swimming pool colliding with […]