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Sebastian Kurz was considered a miracle child of Austrian politics. However, his career did not last long. For buying surveys in office as finished. The question is whether what the Austrian daily Der Standard called “the beginning of a collective recovery” will happen in the coming months. Karin Rogalska, correspondent of the daily Wiener Zeitung […] – News and news portal

I am neither Chernyshevsky nor Gercen to explain in detail what needs to be done, nor Putin (Russophiles let me know) to deal easily with my enemies, and not even Biden (donate and pedophiles) to point out who and how to live. However, I am comforted that I have not yet resembled a former Sejmian […] – News and news portal

1 photo Lithuanian start-up BitDegree expects to earn 1 million this year. euro profit. Photo by Gathered a million users, focused on growth BitDegree is an online learning platform that can deepen a wide range of IT knowledge as well as the skills needed for the digital economy. BitDegree is currently used by more […]