World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) 2020

The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) 2020 will be held online. Bring together health leaders around the world to talk on interesting issues. The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) will kick off on November 15 in an online format through a custom-built 3D virtual platform. At the event, information from the industry’s foremost […]

Before the attack, eleven days of gear – Liberation

In her checkered notebook, Célia (1), 13, carefully noted her course on press freedom. In red pen, student of 4e 5 wrote: “Situation dilemma: to be Charlie or not to be Charlie.» This Monday, October 5, Samuel Paty, professor of history and geography at the Collège du Bois-d’Aulne in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), chose to raise the […]

United States: Trump infected, the campaign upset

We can recognize one thing in the Americans: in terms of script, their supremacy is indisputable. Two weeks after the death of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which raises fears of a conservative and liberticidal drift in the Supreme Court, and one month before the crucial November 3 elections, Donald Trump and his wife Melania have […]

“There is no reason for schools to become reservoirs for viruses”

School, reservoir for viruses: chiseled by seasonal epidemics of influenza and gastroenteritis, the image dies hard. Except with the Sars-CoV-2, the rule suffers exception. According to the researchers, the child is not the main vector of propagation of the epidemic. Subject to compliance with barrier gestures and screening of patients, Professor Michel Tsimaratos, head of […]

Coronavirus in Réunion: back to school postponed

The start of the school year, scheduled for August 17 in Reunion Island, is reported in 14 of 77 schools of Saint-Denis after the identification of several outbreaks of Covid-19, announced the mayor Ericka Bareigts, and the wearing of the mask will be compulsory from August 15 in “certain public places” of the island, indicated […]

a first cluster on Reunion Island

This is a first on Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean: a cluster was identified on August 12. It is a marriage, during which sixteen people were infected at the Covid-19, in Saint-Denis. In order to prevent the epidemic from spreading throughout the island, the Reunion Regional Health Agency will launch a extensive screening campaign […]

In Le Havre, the left stands up to counter Edouard Philippe

The problem with family reunions is that they are often too rare: either the opportunities are lacking or annoyances prevent everyone from being together in the photo. But on Wednesday in Le Havre, the head of the list of the left, Jean-Paul Lecoq, who came from the PCF had a golden excuse to gather his […]

The number of officially registered unemployed in June increased by 16% :: Society :: RBC

The number of officially registered unemployed in Russia increased to 2,424 million people, the total number of unemployed exceeded 4.5 million Photo: Kirill Zykov / AGN “Moscow” In June the government registered every week about 150 thousand new registered unemployed persons in Russia, now they are at 2.4 million, said Minister of labor and social […]