In France, paid music streaming is lagging behind

France has a total of 11 million paid subscriptions to services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music… rohappy / Barely 18% of the population has a subscription to a service like Spotify or Deezer. The economic upturn continues for the music sector. But at a much slower pace. After experiencing double-digit growth in 2021, the […]

Spotify opposes Apple again

For Spotify customers, this compliance is an obstacle course. 291544585/rcfotostock – The Swedish giant’s audiobook sales system has been blocked three times by the Cupertino company. Spotify has just opened a new front in the war between it and Apple. And this time, the bone of contention is the audiobook. Last September, the world […]

why the streaming giants are raising their prices

Apple TV + justifies the increase in its package by a vast catalog of programs. 493824773/Viktor – DECRYPTION – After Disney+, Amazon, Netflix or Spotify, Apple is the last of the big players to increase its prices. To access Apple’s streaming services, consumers are going to have to pay more. On Monday, the iPhone […]

Meta bets that work will rhyme with virtual reality

“We need to get to the point where the 200 million people who buy PCs every year for work can do some or all of their work in the metaverse even better”announced Mark Zuckerberg. MIKE BLAKE/REUTERS High-end headphones, partnership with Microsoft… Meta is eyeing professionals. Meta really needs reassurance about its metaverse strategy. A year […]

The authorities are cracking down on the lucrative business of financial influencers

According to the Responsible Influence Observatory 2021 which it unveils this Thursday, 17% of content creators on social networks still do not clearly identify their posts sponsored by brands. snowflake/snow – INFO THE FIGARO – The ARPP (Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority) unveils its new arsenal to fight against abuse around the promotion of financial […]

Silicon Valley’s offensive to kick Chinese TikTok out of the US

By Chloe Woitier Posted on 09/25/2022 at 20:44, Update yesterday at 2:52 p.m. Number one in downloads in the United States and Europe since 2021, TikTok is on its way to dethroning Silicon Valley social networks. Avishek Das / SOPA Images/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect DECRYPTION – Critics of the app resonate in Washington, two […]

On Instagram, the new reign of video upsets creators and advertisers

SURVEY – To compete with TikTok, Meta’s app is sharply increasing the visibility of its Reels video format. Creators of photo content are penalized. Instagram is changing its face. For several weeks now, the main thread of the photo application has given pride of place to short and vertical videos from accounts to which the […]

Video games still make investors dream

Andreessen Horowitz launches a fund of 600 million dollars while Ryad invests in Nintendo. One of Silicon Valley’s most renowned investors wants to accelerate in video games. Andreessen Horowitz, aka a16z, has announced the creation of Games Fund One, a $600 million fund that has received support from several business leaders in the industry. “We […]

The great leap forward of the French music market, a first for 20 years

DECRYPTION – Sales increased by 14%, driven by the dynamism of streaming and the rebound of CDs and vinyls in 2021. It hadn’t happened in over twenty years. Last year, the French music market pushed the song harder than usual by posting double-digit growth. Song sales increased by 14.3% and brought turnover to 861 million […]

Tech, the new star of television shows

Artificial intelligence, avatars, big data… New technologies are used in entertainment. In the space of a few years, the viewer turned into a notorious glutton. Able to swallow hours of programs and ask for more. “More is never enough», Notes Frédéric Vaulpré, vice-president of Glance (Médiamétrie). As a result, content production is in full swing. […]