BBB and Van der Plas threatened by the extreme right –

In far-right circles, Caroline van der Plas is seen as a traitor and tool of the enemy. ‘Via social media and e-mails I am told that I am a ‘farmer traitor’. I’m called a ‘cartel whore’, or a ‘WEF puppet,’” she said, terms that seem to come from the corner of FvD. BBB does not […]

Walking briskly for 11 minutes every day can already extend your life –

Don’t think: I don’t have time to exercise today, I’ll sit in my chair all day. No, go outside anyway, because even 11 minutes of brisk walking could prevent 10 percent of premature deaths. This is the conclusion of a large study by the University of Cambridge, for which 200 studies have been compared. The […]

this cringe-inducing term is used in more and more vacancies –

Nowadays, the communication department leaves nothing to chance when posting a new vacancy. They launch a promotional text into the world, full of happy, motivating and even spiritual words. So is the itch word ‘passion’, a terrifying term. If you search for the word ‘passion’ on the job site Indeed, you will get about 62,000 […]

The Mediterranean diet is really good for you. This is why –

In the 1950s, researchers from all over the world embarked on a far-reaching and ambitious study. For decades, they’ve scrutinized the diets and lifestyles of thousands of middle-aged men in the United States, Europe and Japan, then examined how their diets influenced their risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The Seven Country Study, as it later […]

Alcohol isn’t necessarily bad if you don’t want Alzheimer’s –

If you’re concerned that drinking alcohol increases your risk of dementia as you get older, a large new study from South Korea may provide some insight. It starts with the idea that cutting down on alcohol is generally a good idea. “Reducing your drinking decreases your risk of Alzheimer’s, while heavier drinking increases your risk […]

New drug on the rise that causes skin to rot –

Tranq is the name of the drug that is making more and more victims in the US. The combination of fentanyl and xylazine literally rots users’ skin and can lead to amputations. Tranq is truly hell on earth: when users come out of their sedated state after a few hours, they immediately want more drugs, […]