He tipped the waitress $3,000, now the restaurant is suing him

He claims he didn’t tip that much. He couldn’t believe his eyes Marina Lamberta waitress at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, when a customer gave her a huge tip. The customer only ordered a stromboli (a pizza roll that looks like a bagel) for $13.25, i.e. HUF 5,300, but he also left a $3,000 tip, i.e. HUF […]

Steve Carell and Ryan Reynolds will team up in John Krasinski’s IF movie

The cast is taking shape for the movie IF, the next project from John Krasinski de Paramount Pictures. The latest announcement may delight fans of The Office, as the director revealed on Instagram that Steve Carell has joined the project. Krasinski will also star in the project, making this the first time the pair have […]