Battle for the title of ‘The smartest person in the world’ will soon begin

The BVs that have scored best in recent years The smartest person in the worldcompete from September 5 for Ofworst man to be mentioned. Under the watchful eye of quizmaster Erik Van Looy, toppers such as Olga and Ella Leyers, Jonas Geirnaert, Gert Verhulst and Gilles De Coster compete against each other. And even in […]

Philippe Geubels and Erik van Muiswinkel participate in The smartest person | NOW

Philippe Geubels, Erik van Muiswinkel, Anniko van Santen and Tim Senders are among the participants of the new season of The smartest person† The twentieth season of the knowledge quiz on NPO2 will start on Monday 11 July. Also among others writer Femke van der Laan, fashion designer Bas Kosters, Goldband singer Milo Driessen, Olympic […]

StuBru presenter Eva De Roo participates in ‘The smartest person’

© Geert Van de Velde Radio presenter Eva De Roo (34) will participate in ‘The very smartest person’. “I don’t know if I can say it, but I can’t deny that Erik Van Looy called,” she told Studio Brussel. (eadp) Monday, June 6, 2022 at 7:24 PM She said yes just to be clear. “But […]

Merol also participates in ‘The smartest person in the world’

© The smartest person in the world Although she was only seen last fall in The smartest person in the worldthe Dutch singer Merol will also make her appearance in Erik van Looy’s quiz this autumn. Tom Vets Yesterday at 03:00 As previously announced, there will be another edition of this after the summer The […]

‘The smartest person’ also gets a German version

The smartest person, the quiz that has been a ratings hit in Flanders and the Netherlands for years, is going to Germany. Presenter Erik van Looy announced this in the Dutch television program the evening show with Arjen Lubach. Yesterday at 10:26 Inland Lubach participated in both […]

Giants basketball player Jean-Marc Mwema has a great time …

Jean-Marc Mwema: a basketball player in great shape. — ©  play4 In 2012, Tomas Van Den Spiegel once won the title of ‘Smartest person in the world’ and once again a basketball player is pushing through. After two wins, Jean-Marc Mwema (31) is already sure of three participations, “but Tomas’ shoes are big to fill. […]

Serine Ayari: “As a child I was laughed at a lot. Now I have th…

Shirt: Arte – Necklace: Rosalie Carlier — © Noortje Palmers – Styling: Farah El Bastani – Make-up and hair: Sabine Peeters You don’t just get in. You must first prove that you are smart and funny. Serine Ayari passed the test with verve and is now on the jury of The smartest person. What does […]