Facebook Drives Positive News … About Facebook, NYT Reveals

Facebook, a social network accused on several occasions for not regulating false information and hate messages, seeks to improve its image through Proyecto Amplify, which makes use of its own news algorithm to improve the company’s image, today revealed the New York Times. In a work published this Tuesday on the technology company, the American […]

Sheinbaum monopolizes reflectors heading to 2024; Ebrard follows her

Marcelo Ebrard- The Afghan The chancellor Marcelo Ebrard he “dressed” as Afghan and welcomed 5 refugee women from the Afghanistan robotics team, as well as 124 journalists. These events generated 15% of their media coverage. In his 3rd government report, President López Obrador congratulated Ebrard for the supply of vaccines, however, this was not enough […]

The military profile in Migration

On issues migratory Mexico seems to have set aside the protection of human rightsInstead, it has privileged the military approach. That may explain the scenes of abuse and excess force against groups of Haitians and central americans that travel Mexican soil in search of legalization or to reach the northern border. To the deployment of […]

The first acid test for Adam Augustus

The brand new super secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto López, already has its first litmus test. In line with the tasks assigned to him by the President, he will have to convince the ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the viability of continuing to buy medicines abroad and without bidding, just when […]

Isabel Arvide. Woman who rebuked AMLO for harangue accuses defamation

Gabriela Cano, a woman who rebuked the Mexican consul in Turkey, Isabel arvide, after he shouted “Viva López Obrado!” during the ceremony of the Cry of Independence in that country, he spoke out this Friday after receiving death threats. In a video posted on YouTube, the woman explained her annoyance at the harangue launched by […]

Bukele closes the door to abortion and equal marriage in constitutional reform

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, He assured this Friday that he will withdraw from the constitutional reform proposal elaborated by your government the possibility of legalizing the therapeutic abortion and the equality marriage. “I have decided, so that there is no doubt, not to propose any type of reform to any article that […]