Willow, daughter of Will Smith, cancels her presentation

Cancellations and changes in the agenda of the artists of the Picnic Stereo Festival 2023 seem not to end Just a week and a half from the Festival, the singer Willow, hija del actor Will Smith, announced that he will not perform at the event. #URGENT: Willow cancels all her performances at Lollapalooza 🇧🇷 🇨🇱 […]

the mind of a monster premieres on november 29

On November 29, the documentary ‘Jeffrey Dahmer: The Mind of a Monster’ premieres on HBO Max. Directed and written by Chris Holtthe production is divided into two parts, which explain and contextualize the amazing story of how Jeffrey Dahmer went from being a shy teenager to a notorious cannibal and serial killer. Born in Milwaukee, […]

The search for the guard who disappeared in the collapse of La Calera is suspended

This November 20, the search process for Javier Velilla, declared missing, will end. after being swept away by one of the landslides that occurred in La Calera on Saturday, November 12. Despite the efforts of relief agencies and the community, so far it has not been possible to locate him. (See also: Bogotá-La Calera road […]

Minister of the Environment debates with congressmen about the budget for her sector

The Environment Minister, Susana Muhammadresponded to the claims of congressmen from various benches who claimed during the day of debate of the General Budget of the Nation (PGN) for next year on the “low” budget for the environmental sector. (Also read: Tough grip between Claudia López and Petro minister over key project for Bogota) The […]

Instagram has been updated and now allows you to record stories of up to one minute

Since the end of last year Instagram has been testing a pilot project (with some users in the world) which consisted of removing the 15-second clips that divide the stories. Instead, they allowed continuous recording for up to 60 seconds. It seems that this pilot had favorable results, which is why Instagram decided to extend […]

At last Isabel rests | THE VIEWER

We are not out of consternation yet. Nobles and commoners mourn “the fall of London Bridge”. leo in The viewer: “Soccer was suspended, in theaters the lights were dimmed and the strikes were cancelled. The music awards were postponed and the pubs They were filled with people and cries. Television completely changed its programming and […]

Jhonier Leal was transferred to Legal Medicine; look for evidence in your body

Leal is identified by the Prosecutor’s Office as allegedly responsible for the murder of his brother, Mauricio Leal, and his mother, Marleny Hernández. Jhonier Leal was transferred to Legal Medicine by uniformed Inpec. Miguel Castellanos Starting at 8:00 am this Tuesday, June 28, Jhonier Leal arrived at the Institute of legal medicinelocated in the center […]

9-month-old baby is in ICU due to medical error

Saray Sofia Godoy9 months old, is in critical condition in the Intensive City Unit of the Mercy Hospitalia (Homi Foundation), after a suspected error in a procedure at the medical centerlocated in the center of the country’s capital. According to Saray’s mother, the baby was admitted to the emergency system for a case of atopic […]

new features of your paid subscription service

The company had announced that it was testing a paid subscription service, a modality that offers access to exclusive live images or videos of certain content creators in the social network. Specific, ‘Instagram Subscriptions’ presents three different access options. The first of these is ‘Subscriber Lives’, live videos to which subscribers have access, which differ […]