That’s behind the British government’s decision — Friday

Priti Patel, it’s safe to say, is the most reactionary British Home Secretary of the last few decades. She has already set about restricting civil liberties, increasing police powers and discouraging as many migrants as possible from arriving in the UK. Her favorite enemies are climate protesters and “leftist” advocates for the rights of asylum […]

In Washington they think much further than in Berlin and Brussels — Friday

Apart from the cautiously tactical chancellor’s office, there seems to be only one direction in local politics and in the media regarding the Ukraine war: deliver heavy weapons as quickly as possible and even more sanctions against Russia. In the USA, on the other hand, the view of this war seems to be changing. The […]

Arm Ukraine, sanction Russia, don’t risk a world war — Friday

Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression and the Ukrainian resistance have brought new meaning and purpose to political Washington: away from accusations that America is losing relevance on the multipolar world stage. It feels like “we’re definitely in a new era,” she said New York Times Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes. “The period […]

men are in pain. exaggerate women. Really now? – Friday

The beginning is always the same: a spasmodic pulling in my stomach pulls me out of my sleep and keeps me awake for the next few hours. The same questions always come with the pain: Why does it always have to start at night? Who is to blame for this crap? Why is the pharmaceutical […]

Sanctions ǀ Vladimir Putin miscalculated — Friday

To wage war you need three things: money, money and more money. Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed to have plenty of that. But the war lasted longer than expected. The reactions, the sanctions and economic countermeasures, are coming faster and are more severe than previously assumed. Putin made a huge miscalculation. The exclusion of Russian […]

Film ǀ Gambling against anger — Friday

The real art of winning is knowing when the moment is right: knowing when to fold when you could still win. To be able to start all over again another day, at the next game. William Tell (Oscar Isaac) is one such artist. As a card player, he drives from one casino to the next. […]

Podcast ǀ “The heart attack is already here” – Friday

Storms, floods, extinction of species: the climate crisis shows us as a society that we are dealing with problems of finitude. At the same time, our culture has no concept of quitting, says sociologist and futurologist Harald Welzer. That is why we are not changing our way of life or our economy, even though it […]