China ǀ In the Darkroom – Friday

Resistance is nice according to Peter Weiss – Marko Martin shows in his new book The last days of Hong Kongthat resistance can also be sexy. The reporter, essayist, writer and literary critic, he was most recently seen in Literary Quartett, was born in 1970 and gained fame with his debut novel The Prince of […]

Palm Winner: in ǀ Blood, Sex and Cars – Friday

The film is an audiovisual attack, in the best possible sense: catapulted after these long months of disembodied existence Titanium the body with brute-poetic force on the canvas and torpedoed all certainties in the process. Even the attempt to summarize the content shows how difficult it is to deal with this radical work of art […]

Literature ǀ Genetic Assembly Line – Friday

See also Men in prominent positions rule the Belgian-French Detrez clan. They are born magnates and moguls. Jean-Yves Detrez, as EU Commissioner, also confirms the predestination for an exceptional position on the genetic assembly line. He receives his descendants and their carnal performance records in a Tuscan holiday home. The dynasty retreats to San […]

Essay ǀ to blame for the misery – Friday

On June 24, 2016, many experienced a kind of Gregor Samsa moment after waking up. The opinion polls had forecast a close race for the Brexit vote, but almost 52 percent for the leavers and only a good 48 for the retainers, which was a shock or a bang, depending on the political reading. What […]

Crime ǀ The woman has to fix it – Friday

The crime genre has been waiting for year and day with an almost infinite number of solitary investigators who have to deal with a personal trauma and are investigating a murder case in which they dig deeper and deeper into the story as if they were dealing with the pain of their soul . This […]

Texas Ranger ǀ Texas Ranger in Laredo – Friday

In the American show business of the thirties, forties, and fifties, gangsters are inevitable. The mob loves the cinema and the opera. “Capone always bought the first four rows at every Chicago premiere. You couldn’t go to a nightclub without Costello sending a bottle of champagne to your table. “Orson Welles * “We never allowed […]

Film ǀ The Collective Jesus – Friday

As director of the city theater in Ghent, Belgium, the director and artistic activist Milo Rau and his team wrote a ten-point dogma a few years ago, the “city theater of the future”. It was about thinking, designing and living theater radically differently. Superficially and numerically, the ten requirements seemed to be linked to the […]

Football ǀ The coach’s revenge – Friday

Almost every coach in 58 years of the Bundesliga has had 15 seconds of fame across the country. Because if someone gets fired, that’s him daily News worth mentioning in the first. Around 8:14 p.m., out the back, after politics. As a Bayern coach you don’t even have to be fired, you just wiggle or, […]

Property ǀ Mortgage on Doom – Friday

It’s Friday evening, a mild breeze is blowing over my rented attic apartment. The fir tree sways in the wind and the stars glisten down from the cloudless sky. I can see that because I sank down on the lawn carpet (born in 2019 with winter damage) on my balcony. A red wine, a temperanillo, […]