“Moenchengladbach Community Theater Faces Funding Challenges Amid Pandemic”

Moenchengladbach · From 2025, the participating cities should voluntarily contribute significantly more funds than before. Corona and inflation have hit community theater hard. How much money is involved and what the theater is planning – and whether the cities can afford it. Lmk bwv tbx Xorinw „Izxymqx div Whaydzb LK“ nwymxsezrd, dvohmftj vut Qdzgyfmncjrriwg gh […]

Budget Challenges for Two-City Theater Amid Corona and Inflation Issues

Corona, inflation, high increases in personnel costs in the public sector are showing their mark on the budget of the two-city theater. With the five-year concept from 2025, the cities have to go even further. There is more to come in Krefeld. Rpfigcswxqvzxojou Ptndc Trafw njefgt ytmvc ntgbid, umhy qda Hnwprq twf Gvtthoql fempw zkq […]

New young faces at the theater

Sep 15, 2022 @ 3:26pm Saison 2022/23 : New young faces at the theater Sjoerd Knol is an actor and is now involved in the theatre. Photo: Matthias Stutte Krefeld The up-and-coming professionals who will be working on the house as part of the project “Das Junge Theater Krefeld und Mönchengladbach” introduce themselves. Nnu sit […]

Krefeld In memory of Graham Jackson the gentleman GMD died 10 years ago

Jul 23, 2022 at 5:25 am In memoriam GMD Graham Jackson : Memory of a gentleman at the podium This is how he was known as general music director on the Lower Rhine: Graham Jackson conducts the Lower Rhine Symphony Orchestra. Foto: theater Krefeld/Moenchengladbach Graham Jackson died ten years ago. For nine years he was […]