A thief specializing in car theft was caught in Picanello

The policemen of the Borgo Ognina police station reported a 38-year-old offender, specialized in car theft, for the crime of aggravated theft. Between 3 and 4 April last, he had stolen two Fiat Pandas: one parked inside a condominium complex in via Villini a Mare and the other in via Nicolò Giannotta. Both the stolen […]

Parma, seven thefts in the same gym: serial thief arrested

Denounced 36-year-old serial thief, whose favorite hunting area is the Namastè Pilates & Fitness gym in via Savani in Parma, where in a few months he hit seven times. The night raids begin in July 2021 when the man visits the gym four times, being discovered and reported in August by the carabinieri of the […]

Medicine, wallet disappears during a full tank of petrol

He would have denied in front of the evidence, but the images of the cameras at the service station are also at his expense. Complaint for theft for a fifty-year-old Italian citizen entrepreneur, who according to what was reconstructed by the Carabinieri of Medicine would have taken possession of a wallet during the flood in […]

Ukrainian truck driver robbed of 400 liters of diesel

A Ukrainian truck driver has been robbed of 400 liters of diesel. The driver discovered the theft Tuesday morning. He was parked with his truck at the Kriekampen Oirschot gas station, on the A58. The driver comes from Kharkov, the city that is currently under heavy fire. On Instagram, the police wrote that the man […]

Force gym window to steal brush cutter, arrested

A 25-year-old from Travo with a history was arrested for attempted aggravated theft. During the night he broke into the gymnasium of the village of Valtrebbia to steal but was stopped by the carabinieri, who intervened on notification of the night watchmen. Around 2.30 am the alarm in the gym near the swimming pool went […]