You won’t be able to go to school with a cold

We return to class from 14 September, but it will not be a school year like any other: the risk of a second wave of Covid-19 forces us to rethink many things. And to introduce strict rules of prevention. Among these, there is one that has gone unnoticed for now: you won’t be able to […]

Plexiglas or plexiglass? Jay tries to beat Salvini, but the league has reason

Call-and-response between the minister of Education, Lucy Jay and the League leader Matteo Salvini on the “cages plexiglas“the dividers hypothesized to separate the counters in the view of the back-to-school safety. Posting the video of a mother, Salvini wrote on Twitter: “the follies of The government on the decree of the School: the rant of […]

A UCLM student, forced to read his doctoral thesis by videoconference

ABC Real city Updated:05/02/2020 18:15 save Related news A student of the Higher Technical School of Engineering of Roads, Channels and Ports (ETSI) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Ciudad Real has carried out, as a result of the state of alarm by the Covid-19, the reading and defense of his doctoral thesis through […]

Reopening of schools: draft of the anti-Coronavirus security protocol

Measurement of fever, parents out of school as much as possible, swabs in case of fever. But also masks for everyone, differentiated paths in the corridors, spaced class entrances. These are the points of the protocol for safety in schools that unions have submitted to the Ministry of Education and which is used to bring […]

Reopening of schools in June: against Coronavirus shifts and sanitation. Studies.

Assumed that school will not resume in May, the question everyone is asking is: “But how and when?”. Pending the solution of the Ministry of Education, politicians, experts, technicians are working to study the plans that will guarantee safe access to classrooms for over 8 million students and 1.2 million operators, to which must be […]

Historian Jacques Le Brun joins his mystics

Jacques Le Brun, who died on Monday April 6 of Covid-19, was one of these discreet scholars but whose work, devoted to spiritual and mystical literature of the XVIIe century, imposed a deep mark on a whole field of knowledge. Born in Paris in 1931, he had followed a classic course (preparatory classes for Henri […]

Coronavirus and 2020 maturity: the plan to save the exam. Even just oral

The time to choose how to end the school year and what to do with Maturit and middle school exam is imminent, while still no one knows if schools will be able to reopen, even just to allow 460,000 students to take their exam. The decree needed to modify the exams is almost ready and […]

Coronavirus and closed schools: beware of false title chats of

The screenshot you see in the photo above is fake: it is an article by whose title has been retouched to create misinformation and circulates in these hours, along with other fake news created to exploit the fact that everyone is looking for news and they exchange information about the Coronavirus emergency and its […]

Coronavirus, that’s where schools are closed and where they reopen on Monday

The Prime Minister’s decree, launched on Sunday evening, confirmed what was anticipated by the governors of Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto on Saturday. So here is where the schools will be open and where they will be closed on Monday 2nd March: • Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, provinces of Pesaro-Urbino and Savona: the teaching activity […]