Vicentin: Foreign Creditors Request Company Documents From New York Court

Vicentin requested the opening of his preventive bankruptcy proceedings before a Santa Fe court in February after failing to pay a payment of US $ 350 million to agricultural producers. Then, last month, President Alberto Fern├índez launched a plan to intervene and expropriate the company, which is currently on standby. The steering committee wants disclose […]

Galicia, Andalusia and Valencia request the same interprovincial de-escalation as Urkullu

The asymmetric de-escalation that the Government is applying in territories such as the Basque Country may generate a new conflict with other autonomies in the next phase change, the resolution of which is scheduled for next Friday. Lendakari government Inigo Urkullu It has already publicly claimed that justified movements may occur for “socio-economic” reasons between […]

Private teachers denounce unpaid wages and ask to regulate quarantined classes

Coronavirus – Virtual Classes – Quarantine Private teachers ask for virtual classes to be regulated in quarantine Third SADOP expressed its “deep concern over the lack of payment of the wages of thousands of male and female companions” and noted that employers in the sector are solely responsible for the timely payment of wages, regardless […]

Asturian photojournalists ask for access to training sessions for Oviedo and Sporting

The Asturian Professional Association of Photojournalists (APFA) joined today the petition at a national level launched by ANIGP-TV (National Association of Graphic Press and Television Reporters)so that graphic reporters can access football club training once they return. “Given the initiative taken by our colleagues at ANIGP-TV, we not only fully agree, but also join their […]

The Pou ask to exercise outdoors

Climbers Iker and Eneko Pou, closely linked to Asturias, asked the Government of Spain to allow them to exercise outdoors after six weeks of confinement. In a video posted on his Facebook profile, Eneko Pou said it would be “a move that society would very clearly appreciate.” .

Sports, a good of general interest, ask federations

The Spanish Sports Association (ADESP), which is made up of the federations, presented a Plan for the Reconstruction and Reactivation of Sport, a compendium of 23 measures and 56 recommendations with which it aims to “generate debate” with an eye toward returning to activity after the coronavirus crisis. “It is an open document, so that […]

BeIN and Amnesty International ask to investigate the purchase of Newcastle

The possible purchase of Newcastle with Saudi funds it would allow that country to have a significant presence in the Premier League at a lower cost in football in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, but the operation raises reluctance, both among defenders of Human Rights and among regional rivals in Saudi Arabia. The sum […]

All players are asked to test for COVID-19 before the return of English football

The president of the English Coaches Association, Richard Bevan, has demanded that football in this country not resume until all footballers are screened for the new coronavirus. “The tests should be made available to all National Health Service (NHS) workers and patients first,” Bevan told the BBC. “Once that is done, the tests can be […]

Basque publishers ask for a book bonus and more aid to the sector

The Publishers Guild of the Basque Country has put a diagnosis on the consequences of the coronavirus in “the first cultural industry in our country” black on white in a report addressed to the institutions. A sector “structured mainly from small companies” that has not yet recovered from the 2008 crisis, which caused a decrease […]