The schoolchildren reported a teacher who criticized Russia for the war in Ukraine

Schoolchildren in the Russian city of Penza reported their teacher to the police, who criticized Russian military activities in Ukraine. According to the independent portal Medusa, the authorities then began prosecuting the 55-year-old English teacher under a law banning the dissemination of information discrediting the Russian army. This legal norm forces the Russian authorities not […]

Russia and India will find a way to circumvent sanctions

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that Moscow and New Delhi would find a way to circumvent, according to him, the “illegal” sanctions of the West and continue trade. TASR took over the report from AP and AFP. Financial sanctions in the West allegedly make it difficult for India to pay for supplies […]

Putin believes a fake story that tells the world, the German minister thinks

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on Friday accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of using lies and false information in connection with the war in Ukraine. The DPA reported. “Obviously, Putin believes this fake story that tells the world,” said the politician in an interview with CNN news television. According to her, German chancellor Olaf Scholz […]

A plane with 132 passengers on board crashed in China

A China Eastern Airlines plane with 132 passengers on board crashed in the mountains of southern China. Reuters reported today, referring to local media. The number of victims is not yet officially known. However, according to Reuters, no one seems to have survived the accident. The Chinese media initially reported that there were 133 people […]

We will continue our development

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that no matter how “difficult” his country would continue its development, he announced the strengthening of transport and logistics infrastructure. ​ He also called on “Russia’s neighbors” not to escalate tensions. According to him, Moscow is fulfilling all its obligations. Reuters reported. “We have no bad intentions towards […]