Corona: When your private party is allowed – and when not

GHealth Minister Jens Spahn warns against the background of increasing numbers of new corona infections of celebrations as a source of danger. At the same time, reports of “illegal parties” have been in the headlines for weeks. But when is a celebration currently allowed – and when not? What is the difference between the big […]

Erfurt: neo-Nazi association must vacate property on Herrenberg

The neo-Nazi association “New Strength Erfurt” has to vacate its center on Herrenberg in Erfurt. A spokesman for the regional court in Erfurt, which is responsible for the appeals in civil matters, told MDR THÜRINGEN that there was no appeal by the association. The June ruling was thus final. At that time, the judges at […]

Call for mandatory corona tests for vacation returnees

Several politicians are calling for mandatory corona tests for returning travelers. CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt said “Bild”, the duty must be especially for those returning from risky areas. If this is not legally possible, the corresponding right must be created. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder made a similar statement on Monday. He called […]

Despite Corona, these planes leave from Leipzig and Dresden

Lufthansa does not currently fly to Leipzig / Halle Lufthansa, on the other hand, took Leipzig / Halle completely out of the plan. Reason: The most important international connections start from Frankfurt or Munich. Anyone who wanted to go there could easily take the train from Leipzig. The decision will be checked again, said Lufthansa […]