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Bloomberg allows breaking the pacts of silence to the women who accused him of harassment | U.S

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The Basque PP accuses Casado of hiding the content of the coalition pact with Cs in Euskadi | Spain

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The United States sanctions a subsidiary of the Russian state oil company for its role in Venezuela | International

The Donald Trump Administration doubles the pressure to suffocate the regime of Nicolás Maduro. The US Treasury Department announced Tuesday sanctions against Rosneft Trading, the … Read more

Pedro Sánchez agrees that the dialogue in Catalonia “will not be done to the detriment” of other territories | Spain

Pedro Sánchez this Saturday at the meeting of the federal committee of the PSOE in Madrid. On video, statements of the socialist leader. JAIME VILLANUEVA … Read more

‘Chinophobia’ for coronavirus: why they have to remind us that the virus is in China, not in the Chinese | Good Life

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