$ 7,000 a month for taking a dip during quarantine | Global World Blog

The eccentricities of the wealthy in Singapore, one of the highest-income countries per capita of the planet, they are a known thing of the Asian city-state. To the collections of Lamborghini cars and other prohibitively priced cars – which are usually exhibited by their owners on holidays – and the rental of islands and superyachts […]

Oil at a balance price sinks the economy of large producers | Markets

The historical bite of the Covid-19 at the price of oil, until it was quoted negatively, has claimed more victims than the companies in the sector. The countries that pump the most oil have seen how the coronavirus has paralyzed economic activity, displacements in dozens of countries that have decreed confinement and, ultimately, the demand […]

Dragados presents an ERTE for infrastructure maintenance workers in Madrid | Companies

Dragados has presented an ERTE for the workers of the maintenance service of public roads and infrastructures in Madrid, as reported by the UGT in a statement. Last Wednesday, April 29, the company notified the legal representatives of the workers of the start of a procedure to suspend contracts for productive and organizational causes related […]

How Covid-19 will affect the pension system | Economy

The fall in income, the slowdown in economic activity or the numerous layoffs, whether temporary or not, stemming from the need to contain the spread of Covid-19, further jeopardize the stability of the Spanish pension system, which has not He is going through one of his best moments since the 2008 economic crisis. Governments are […]

Coronavirus: Investigate how coronavirus can affect the skin

Dermatologists fromdifferent Spanish health centers are leading the ‘COVID-Piel’ study,that will be carried out throughout the national territory, to know and categorize thecutaneous manifestations linked to infection with the new coronavirus in patients of any age. The work, led by doctors Cristina Galván Casas and Alba Català Gonzalo, together with Dr. Gregorio Carretero Hernández, has […]