Netanyahu plays the watch in front of his judges to avoid disgrace

Neither the Covid-19 pandemic which postponed his appearance before the judges on May 24 nor his very political victory of this week which allows him to start a 5th term at the head of a union government, does have sheltered from justice. The trial for corruption of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened this Sunday […]

Smartphones did not hold on to price – Kommersant newspaper No. 86 (6807) from 05/19/2020

Against the backdrop of a successful first quarter smartphone market for smartphones, retailers remain optimistic about April-June. They hope that the fall will be avoided, although some experts already predict a decline of 10-20% due to consumer caution and a failure in terms of April sales. In the first quarter, retailers aggressively reduced prices, but […]

10 practical tips to avoid getting coronavirus

► What precautions should be taken at the office? Telework should be maintained as much as possible. If you return to your business site, you will find many changes there. Shifted schedules, single direction of traffic in the premises, indicated by markings on the ground or displays, turnstiles at the condemned entrance: everything is done […]

COMMENT. Prisons: avoid the return of prison overcrowding with deconfinement

A situation unprecedented. The early release of 5,300 prisoners at the end of their sentence to avoid a health crisis in penitentiary centers and the reduction in criminal action linked to the reduction in delinquency in full confinement have already led to a significant drop in the number of detainees: there were 61,100 on April […]

“Collective efforts helped avert disaster”

“We are breathing because there are fewer serious cases and we have recovered beds in intensive care before the Easter weekend. Morale is good for the staff, at least better than before. We’re starting to see the light. The level of commitment remains very high, however, and the service very busy. As I repeat, we […]

Away from men: Women need a “bachelorette party”

Saturday with girlfriends will help to clear oneself of negativity and gain strength. For most women, men’s attention is a source of energy. Interest from the stronger sex stimulates femininity. As a result, the girl is full of strength, happy and healthy. However, in astrology, sometimes days fall when women need to stay away from […]

Michel Barnier wants to avoid UK diverging sharply from the EU

After three years of tumultuous Brexit negotiations, Michel Barnier is set to resume intense discussions with the British soon. The European Union’s chief negotiator is in fact responsible for reaching an agreement with the United Kingdom on future relations between that country and the EU. → READ. After Brexit, London and Brussels in a new […]