Follow the “Now 12”: what products can you buy – News

The national government extended until December 31 the validity of the Now 12 program, and incorporated operations carried out through credit cards issued by non-financial entities. This was done through Resolution 201/2020 of the Ministry of Internal Trade published today in the Official Gazette. The regulation specifies that the program will remain valid for operations […]

Living space in Freiburg is in short supply

View of Freiburg The city is considered an attractive place to live: Alsace is close at hand and there are many leisure activities. (Foto: Moment/Getty Images) Freiburg The southern Baden student city of Freiburg has always been good for surprises. From a political point of view, this was the last one: Two years ago, the first […]

Buy or rent real estate 2020? What is currently more worthwhile

New housing construction in Lower Saxony The burden of buying an apartment has remained constant in almost all cities. (Photo: dpa) Erfurt, Dusseldorf Are real estate still affordable? If you worry about your future income, you are reluctant to buy real estate. This is all the more true because purchase prices have increased significantly in […]

Used provider Fritz boxes: court prohibits sale

The basis of the current judgment was the dispute between the Berlin router manufacturer AVM and the online retailer Woog Media. The latter had bought several pallets of retired Fritzbox 6490 Cable from the cable network operator Unitymedia (meanwhile Vodafone). A special firmware branded on its services ran on the devices that the provider rented […]

Buy readings for the most attic Sant Jordi

On Thursday there will be no book and rose stalls on the street and shops will keep the blinds down but those who want to celebrate their first confined St. George will have several options, waiting for the alternate celebration of the day on July 23. And because of the book sector, the closure of […]

Covid-19 effect: BCRA buys foreign currency from private companies again

What is missing are pesos and there are “dollars” left over. Despite the rain of pesos from the BCRA, the holdings of families and companies, along with the quarantine effect and all its aspects, both people and companies, especially SMEs, need more pesos to face the day to day. Despite the fact that the private […]