Airbnb, a dotted future

With the upheavals that everyone is experiencing today, it is difficult to say whether the models that were so fashionable until then will be reborn tomorrow with as much vigor. This is the case of the American rental platform Airbnb, which has been hit hard by containment measures and the stopping of travel, like the […]

POINT OF VIEW. Coronavirus: some lessons for the future of our health system

The serious crisis we are going through confirms the importance of health issues. Have a prospective vision The current situation had not been anticipated. Decisions made over the years have not proven to be relevant. However, we have a multitude of “High Committees” and “Councils” all made up of competent experts, but we lack global […]

Behind the scenes of Brussels – Containment: the debate prohibited

It only took a few moments, on March 16, for the Head of State and his government, in the name of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, to place the French under house arrest and deprive them of most of their freedoms civil, political and social that we thought inalienable: freedom to come and go, […]

The highly compromised future of the Airbus A380

Fifteen years ago, no one envisaged that the operation of the A380 would turn sour because of an epidemic: on April 27, 2005, in Toulouse (where the plane is assembled), the first test flight Airbus’ hope of reigning in the very wide-body market, then dominated by the aging Boeing 747, materialized. During the development of […]

Jean-Dominique Sénard says he is “confident” for the future of Renault

Showing solidarity, studying possible State aid, reassuring: these are the facets of the fight that Jean-Dominique Sénard is currently waging, at the head of the Renault-Mitsubishi-Nissan Alliance, while the automobile industry is at at the heart of one of the worst crises in its history due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Cancellation of dividends Solidarity is […]

Franck Riester unveils his proposals for the future of artist-authors

► Better representation of artist-authors Franck Riester recalled the need for artist-authors to have a representation “Legitimate and incontestable” at national level and wishes to organize professional elections in all sectors “Where it seems appropriate” from here “The second half of 2021”. The elected representatives will be “Privileged interlocutors of public authorities When social reforms […]