Died one of the founders of the rock group The Sweet :: Society :: RBC

One of the founders of British rock band the Sweet bass player Steve priest died at the age of 72 years. About it they say in a statement on the official group page in Facebook. “With a heavy heart we announce today that as of 8:25 Pacific time Steve priest, one of the founders of […]

A judge summons Almeida to testify as denounced for the closure of Madrid parks

S. L. Madrid Updated:05/14/2020 21:53 save Related news Already in the first fortnight of March, the Madrid City Council decided to close all the parks in the capital to avoid crowds and infections due to Covid-19. And because of that, the mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida has been denounced and will have to declare, next May […]

Is it necessary to declare in the Income the compensation for unfair dismissal?

Thecoronavirusthe number of unemployed people has skyrocketed. In recent weeks, the crisis caused by the virus has caused many citizens to be dismissed from their jobs or to be in aERTE. At the end of March, according to data from the Public State Employment Service (SEPE), the list of unemployed people added 302,265 new applicants […]

Government stops DNU to declare private medicine of public interest

It is the second time that the national government applies a deminutio capitis to the Minister of Health. The underestimation of the effects of Covid 19 in the country made the President, via DNU, put Santiago Cafiero at the forefront of the strategic direction and coordination, including the management of budget items, of the health […]

Police intervene in Malaga facilities by court order | sports

The National Police entered this Wednesday morning at the facilities of the La Rosaleda soccer field, headquarters of Málaga CF, by court order. The proceedings are declared secret and have been ordered by the Malaga Court of Instruction 14. Police sources have explained that the intervention is part of an investigation of an economic nature, […]