VCF | What Valencia de Celades needs to improve

VALENCIA. What Valencia de Celades needs to improve. Valencia faces with “maximum aspirations” the return of the competition in the coming weeks where it will have to climb positions if it wants to finish in the top four of the competition. 1. Stability in goal It is the position that has given more problems to […]

DS Smith donated 10,000 auxiliary tables to IFEMA hospital to improve patient comfort

DS Smith, theWorld’s leading provider of sustainable corrugated cardboard, active in the development of innovative solutions in more than 37 countries, has launchedsolidarity initiatives in all its marketsto helpmitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemicin the population. And in Spain it has not been less. Under the motto #EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos, the workers at the DS Smith […]

Transparency in the fashion industry triples since 2016 | Style

Fashion is gradually learning about human rights. The second most polluting industry on the planet is also one of the most difficult to publicize its supply chain. Excessive consumption is one of its big problems, something that has sponsored the boom of fast fashion. The April 2013 disaster of the Rana Plaza, a textile manufacturing […]

These are the best articles we’ve tried to simplify life at home | Showcase

Cecotec Mambo 7090: a food processor for less than 200 euros Publication date: 08/14/2019 From the same brand that makes the popular Conga robot vacuum cleaner, this food processor can chop, grind, pulverize, assemble, emulsify, steam and cook at low temperatures, knead, ferment or confit. So with the Cecotec Mambo 7090 you can create almost […]

Can the internet crash due to increased usage during isolation?

The Internet has not been exempt from this unprecedented situation that we are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. The greater residential use that is taking place, to work, connect, play, study or even as a way of leisure, has generated an increase in data traffic on the network, which we can […]

Humor, a vaccine against the ‘virus’ of fear | Happiness Lab Blog

Fear is a bad travel companion. Sometimes it appears without reason, but that does not prevent us from paralyzing, weakening and filling us with doubts. Injecting it is very easy: just repeat an idea and cultivate the virus. Then hysteria and collective paranoia appear. To such an extent that it is capable of making a […]