Holiday in a Bulli – rental costs, cities, tips & places

Unlimited freedom – that’s what people who go on holiday with a campervan are looking for. More comfort than in a tent, but also more mobility and spontaneity than with a large mobile home or caravan. Bullis and similar companions are not exactly cheap. Buying a new one quickly adds up to tens of thousands […]

Twitter Faces Office Eviction Due to Unpaid Rent in Boulder, Colorado

Because of unpaid rent for office space in Boulder, Colorado, Twitter has to vacate it now. A court ruled, allowing the landlord’s lawsuit, reports the Denver Post. This was submitted at the beginning of May, until then the rent had been paid from a so-called letter of credit, which Twitter had then not increased. Because […]

“German Tenants’ Association Criticizes Increasing Use of Index Rents by Landlords”

Status: 01/20/2023 11:20 a.m Contracts with landlords increasingly provide that rents can be increased annually in line with the general rate of inflation. The German Tenants’ Association criticizes that this is not socially responsible. In Germany, newly concluded leases are increasingly linked to inflation. In larger metropolises, index rents were agreed on average for 30 […]

Living Wanted Ad: A Performance Art Piece Shedding Light on Berlin’s Housing Crisis

Joana wants to draw attention to the housing shortage as a »living wanted ad« in the shop window of a gallery in Kreuzberg’s Wrangelkiez. Photo: nd/Mischa Pfisterer On Monday, Joana wants to sit down again in the shop window of the gallery on Kreuzberg’s Falckensteinstrasse. As a living search ad, with its furniture, suitcases, boxes […]

Martin Rütter | “He just wants to play!”

HE JUST WANTS TO PLAY!THE NEW LIVE TOUR WITH MARTIN RÜTTER For 25 years there is Martin Ruetter on an animal-human mission. Always on behalf of the dogs. And to enlighten their owners. A quarter of a century dedicated to better understanding between two and four-legged friends. A quarter of a century with […]

Buying an apartment in Mallorca – government support now enables complete financing

On Monday (February 20th), the Balearic government announced the change that had been announced for months mortgage help presented. Residents in Mallorca can now finance a purchased apartment 100 percent. If they get the papers together fast enough. The plan aims to reduce the housing shortage on the islands. For the first time one works […]