UK may approve Pfizer vaccine “in the coming days” :: Society :: RBC

Last week, Pfizer filed a request to use its vaccine in the United States. If the application is approved, the drug can be used in mid-late December, the company expects. In early November, Pfizer announced that its vaccine had proven more than 90% effective in trials. The company later raised the rating to 95%. For […]

Melania Trump demanded an honest vote count :: Politics :: RBC

Melania trump (Фото: Drew Angerer / Getty Images) American democracy must be protected by ensuring fair and fully transparent vote counting in the US presidential election. About it stated The wife of the current President of the States, Melania Trump, on Twitter. “Every legal ballot must be counted,” she said. The First Lady noted that […]

In Belarus, against 231 people opened a case after Sunday rally :: Politics :: RBC

They are suspected of violating public order during uncoordinated protests. Earlier, the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that about 300 demonstrators were detained on November 1 Participants of the unauthorized action on November 1 in Minsk (Photo: BelaPAN / Reuters) In Minsk, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the violation of public […]

The soloist of “Bi-2” became infected with coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Egor Bortnik (Photo: AGN “Moscow”) The founder and soloist of the rock group “Bi-2” Yegor Bortnik, better known as Leva Bi-2, has been diagnosed with a coronavirus. The musician told about this in the comments to his post on Instagram. “Did a CT scan. Covid did not affect the lungs, ”he wrote. Bortnik also clarified […]

Detentions began in Belarus at protest actions :: Society :: RBC

During the protest action, the participants in a column moved along the central streets of the Belarusian capital towards the stele “Minsk – Hero City”. According to, there are several thousand people in the convoy. The portal reports that unknown persons in helmets and balaclavas are blocking the central Independence Avenue. Also, protest actions […]