Oil at a balance price sinks the economy of large producers | Markets

The historical bite of the Covid-19 at the price of oil, until it was quoted negatively, has claimed more victims than the companies in the sector. The countries that pump the most oil have seen how the coronavirus has paralyzed economic activity, displacements in dozens of countries that have decreed confinement and, ultimately, the demand […]

Operations sink 47% in Spain due to economic slowdown and epidemic | Economy

The deceleration drums that sounded at the end of last year have become an incontestable reality in the beginning of 2020. Prices for clouds and especially the panic caused by the coronavirus explain the collapse of the amount of corporate operations in Spain in January and February to be below 11,000 million, an amount 47% […]

China accuses the US of sowing fear while its Bags sink | Society

The Wuhan coronavirus epidemic is increasingly threatening to become a new element of friction – one more – in the complicated relations between the United States and China. Beijing has made clear its unease about the way Washington has reacted to the biggest catastrophe in the Asian country in years. Measures such as the suspension […]