FIFA will organize a charity match to fight the pandemic

FIFA announced on Monday that its Foundation will organize a match to raise funds to be used to face COVID-19, in which it awaits the involvement of the world football community, as well as governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. . The idea of ​​FIFA is that the collection allows the «Access to the […]

The US approves the use of the antiviral remdesivir to fight Covid-19

The US drug regulatory agency (FDA) has authorized the emergency use of the experimental drug remdesivir in patients with Covid-19, President Donald Trump announced Friday. The use of this antiviral made by the American laboratory Gilead Sciences was approved after a major clinical trial showed that it shortens the recovery time in some patients with […]

A Solidarity Gala to fight against the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has hit Spain and the world hard, but it has also shown the most caring side of all citizens. There have been many initiatives that have been launched to try to alleviate the effects that Covid-19 has caused worldwide and also in Spain. The last of these initiatives is #ELGRANRETOSOLIDARIO, in which […]

Confinement exacerbates monkey attacks on humans in India | Global World Blog

The confinement of the 1.3 billion inhabitants in India has made the fauna of the Asian country take to the deserted streets in images that are reproduced online, as has happened in other latitudes. In the case of India, monkeys roam freely even in residential complexes in cities like Bombay. Now touching protagonists of the […]

Mata offers Common Goal to fight the crisis

In these times of grief, the Asturian footballer Juan Mata could not miss his appointment with solidarity. Its Common Goal project, for which footballers give up one percent of their income to charitable casuas, has created a health crisis response fund to “combat the immediate effects of the pandemic and ensure continued support, beyond initial […]

General Soleimani continues fighting for Iran after death | International

Election posters on a street in Tehran this Tuesday. On video, Iranian citizens comment on the elections. ATTA KENARE (AFP) / VIDEO: REUTERS-QUALITY One image stands out above the rest among the electoral posters that dot Tehran on the eve of next Friday’s legislative elections: that of Qasem Soleimani. Obviously, the Iranian general assassinated by […]

Irish Prime Minister rejoins his medical post to fight Covid-19 | Global World Blog

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, a medical graduate, will work for the public health service once a week during the new coronavirus epidemic, a government spokesman announced Sunday. Varadkar will offer “its services to the health service, once a week, within its sphere of activity,” the spokesperson said. According to the newspaper The Irish Times, […]