Daniella Álvarez surprises again: now vallenato sings – Entertainment – Culture

After leaving the Cardioinfantil Clinic in Bogotá, where she was held for almost two months, former Colombian Miss Daniella Álvarez recovers at home, a long journey that includes a prosthesis for her left leg, which was amputated at the height of the knee. In this process, Álvarez and his family have shown signs of courage. […]

Than the new Haval H5 is going to “kill” Renault Arkana

The Chinese crossover has something to surprise. Last year, Renault Arkana came out, which first attracted attention, and then disappointed motorists. Therefore, the distressed Russians began to look for an alternative, which became the Haval H5. What is the Chinese crossover going to “kill” the popular French cross-coupe? First of all, it is worth paying […]