Future pandemics will bring even greater losses

According to the Financial Times, Bill Gates warned the world about a pandemic much worse than COVID-19, calling on governments to donate billions of dollars to prepare for the next global epidemic. Microsoft’s founder said that while the Omikron and Delta coronavirus variants were some of the most transmissive viruses ever seen, the world may […]

LGBT Nun Announces “New Era”

We have recently informed about the “warm” correspondence between Pope Francis and the dissident organization New Ways Ministry, condemned both by the Vatican (under John Paul II and Benedict XVI) and by the American Episcopate. The movement openly promotes the LGBT ideology and works to move away from Catholic teaching about the Sodom sin and […]

War in Tigray, Ethiopia. Demonstrators criticize the US stance

Ethiopia has been struggling with a huge crisis for a year. Some demonstrators denounce the United States for calling on the Ethiopian government for a ceasefire. The war in Ethiopia (in the Tigray region) has been going on since November 2020, when the left-wing Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) began to fight to grant Tigray […]

The new restrictions are to start with the limits of people

Unofficial information was provided on Tuesday by wp.pl. People limits Although the government has not yet made a decision to introduce additional restrictions due to the growing number of coronavirus infections, it is to have an initial plan prepared. It sets limits on people in shopping malls, shops, weddings and public gatherings. However, it will […]

Debate in the European Parliament about Poland. Spurek on access to a gynecologist

On Tuesday morning, in Strasbourg, a debate began with the participation of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal stating the superiority of national law over EU law in some areas. MEPs will vote on a resolution on this issue […]

Russia-Ukraine-USA. Medvedev wrote the article

Unexpectedly, on the day of Nuland’s arrival in Moscow, the Russian “Kommersant” published a blunt in content and form, and ambiguous article by Dmitry Medvedev on Russia’s relations with Ukraine. The former Russian president asked a riddle, the solution of which may indicate the direction of the Kremlin’s further actions towards its western neighbor. Five […]

Q&A session with Morawiecki. Among the topics, fuel prices

Analysts of the e-petrol.pl website indicate that the average price of Pb98 gasoline at the stations exceeded the psychological limit of PLN 6 per liter. Price increases hit us from all sides. The price of not only electricity and gas is rising, but also gasoline. Experts from the industry portal e-petrol.pl reported that after a […]

The money obtained from migrants goes to, among others to the back of Lukashenka

The spokesman of the minister for the special services coordinator informed that the price for crossing the migration route varied between PLN 2,000. and 12 thousand dollars per person. – We estimate that Lukashenka’s regime has collected millions of dollars for this migration route. Inflows will continue throughout the life of the migration route – […]

This is happening as critics of NS2 have warned about

At the beginning of September, Nord Stream 2 AG announced that the last elements of the gas pipeline’s transmission system had been welded together. Subsequently, gas filling of the first line of the NS2 pipeline began. The president of the Polish Oil and Gas Industry warned in a recent interview that Europe is increasingly becoming […]