Index – Culture – Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell are no longer together

With his divorced partner, Hayley Atwell, Tom Cruise, with whom they were also featured in the new part of Mission: Impossible, writes Sun. The two actors got close to each other a year ago and have performed together several times since then, holding each other’s hands. Among other things, they went to the Wimbledon tennis […]

Hikers stunned when Tom Cruise parachuted onto their…

©  REUTERS Source: The Telegraph Monday, September 20, 2021 at 10:07 Two hikers strolling through the Lake District in England didn’t know what they were experiencing when none other than Tom Cruise literally crossed their path. The 59-year-old actor landed with a parachute in the middle of the trail where the hikers were walking, after […]

Tom Cruise’s car stolen on ‘Mission Impossible’ set

Although he is currently on set as secret agent Ethan Hunt in a new installment of the Mission impossiblemovies, actor Tom Cruise (59) could not avoid that strangers took off with his expensive BMW. The vehicle was stolen in the hotel car park next to the film set in Birmingham. Meanwhile, the vehicle was recovered […]

Tom Cruise’s BMW was stolen from the shoot

The film star is filming the seventh part of Mission: Impossible around Birmingham. The BMW X7 was stolen from Church Street on Tuesday, but was found shortly afterwards, local police said. The car was found near Smetwick. Police have launched an investigation into the theft. According to the British newspaper The Sun, there were also […]

Then Tom Cruise suddenly lands with his helicopter in your garden: B…

Then suddenly there is a world star in your garden. When a British family got a call asking if a VIP could land their helicopter in their yard, none other than Tom Cruise got out. He’s working on a new one nearby Mission: Impossible-movie. The surprised British tell their story at the BBC. It was […]

Recordings ‘Mission: impossible 7’ have come to a halt again

For Tom Cruise, the recordings of Mission: Impossible 7 are a particularly long-term work. Photo: REUTERS Tom Cruise (58) must gradually be close to despair. The recordings of his new action movie Mission: impossible 7 have just been shut down for the umpteenth time. Cruise has been on the set since February last year and […]

Velvet – Gum Sugar – Tom Cruise was quarantined on suspicion of covid

Page Six writes that during the filming of Mission: Impossible 7, several people were found to be infected with a coronavirus, so work on the film stopped again, with the actor isolating himself for 14 days. The potential infection could have occurred while filming a nightclub scene, during which the actor came into contact with […]