New Clipper malware steals users’ cryptocurrencies via fake Tor browser

Kaspersky researchers have discovered a dangerous campaign through which attackers steal cryptocurrencies, affecting more than 15,000 users in 52 countries. Distributed under the guise of Tor Browser, the malware works by replacing part of the typed content with the cybercriminal’s digital wallet address, instead of the rightful owner’s, every time it detects a wallet address […]

World Cup 2022: Portugal goal – C. Ronaldo or Bruno Fernandes? FIFA dissolves

Munich/Doha – It’s the 54th minute at the Lusail Stadium in Doha between Portugal and Uruguay. Bruno Fernandes swings a sharp cross towards goal from the left, Cristiano Ronaldo jumps up and the ball passes past the powerless keeper Sergio Rochet into the goal. While Ronaldo celebrated the goal as his own, FIFA gave the […]

First goals of the season from Suter and Kurashev

The Chicago Blackhawks celebrate a 4-3 win over the Red Wings. Two Swiss score their first goals of the season in the NHL in this game. Pius Suter celebrates his first goal of the season in the NHL – but in the end he has to leave the ice as a loser. – Keystone Ad […]

Zach Magwood scores three times in the Krefeld Penguins’ victory

Krefeld – Weißwasser⇥5:2 penguins: Belov – Tiffels/Zerressen, Riefers/Mayr, Söll/Bappert, Dobryskin – Weiß/Koch/Krymskiy, Müller/Mouillierat/Magwood, Niederberger/Lewandowski/van der Ven, Miller/Fischer/ Shatsky. Viewers: 3064 Tore: 0: 1 (10:11) Detig (Heim/Knight), 1: 1 (20:18) Magwood (Müller/Tiffels), 1: 2 (30:41) Breitkreuz, 2: 2 (46:19) Krymskiy ( Niederberger 5-4), 3: 2 (48:28) Magwood (Müller/Mouillierat), 4: 2 (56:23) Magwood (Müller/Mouillierat), 5: 2 (58:38) […]

Werder Bremen: After Bundesliga jitters: Niklas Schmidt heads free | Sports

In preparation for the season, Niklas Schmidt (24) said at the end of July: “The thought that we were now playing in the Bundesliga inhibited me. I dreamed of her as a little boy.” At the latest with his header hit 2:2 in Dortmund they should fear of contact of Bremen’s midfield man have vanished… […]

Bayern Munich loses test against Manchester City​

Jul 24, 2022 @ 9:28am Haaland meets : FC Bayern loses test against Manchester City Serge Gnabry (left) from Bayern Munich and Rúben Dias from Manchester City fight for the ball. Photo: dpa/Morry Gash Green Bay/Los Angeles/Orlando Unpredictable weather caused a late kick-off, an interruption and a shortening of Bayern’s last friendly against Manchester City. […]

Teutonia does not hit the goal

May 29, 2022 at 7:16 p.m Soccer : Teutonia misses the goal and loses Justin Müller trains Teutonia St. Tönis in the Oberliga. Photo: BRAUER photo agency/Stefan Brauer St. Tönis Football Oberliga from St. Tönis conceded second defeat in a row in the relegation round and is not yet saved eiD eluraßbFl esd Olnesirbeigt Teotauin […]

DEL: The descent of the Krefeld penguins is perfect

March 30, 2022 at 10:02 p.m After a 6-1 defeat in Mannheim : The first relegation of the Krefeld Pinguine from the DEL is perfect Goalkeeper Oleg Shilin was Krefeld’s best man. Photo: BRAUER photo agency/Stefan Brauer Mannheim The Krefeld miss their last chance and clearly lose 1:6 in Mannheim. The black and yellow team’s […]

Alex Weiss scores twice in Mannheim

September 21, 2021 at 10:41 p.m Surprising point win : Alex Weiss scores twice for the penguins That was the first trick by Alexander Weiss, who was able to defeat Mannheim goalkeeper Felix Brückmann twice. Photo: imago images/Thomas Frey/Frey-Pressebild/Deine via Krefeld The striker gave Krefeld a 2-0 lead in Mannheim, who lost 3-2 after […]

Krefeld penguins lose 4:7 at the Augsburg Panthers

Augsburg – Krefeld 7: 4 (3: 1, 3: 2, 1: 1) penguins: Belov (11.Quapp) – Gläßl / Mass, Tiffels / Kulda, Hänggi – Sabolic / Lucenius / Olson, Bracco / Berlyov / Lessio, Volek / Weiss / Braun, Rutkowski, Lewandowski Spectator: 4197 Referee: B. Hoppe (Bad Nauheim), A. Rantala (Neuss). Tore: 1:0 (0:41) Puempel (Gregorc), […]