His sister now helps Gabi Tóth

According to the signs, popular anger directed against his brother Vera Tóth also finds it hard to bear. There was also a period in their lives when they didn’t speak for months, but now she consciously works to make the public fall in love with her sister, He can – writes a BEST magazine. It […]

Pankrátor in Sztár in I will become a star!

A professional pankrator also took the stage In Star I will be a star! on his 2nd selector. Solymosi Benji already missed music in his life, so he signed up for the show, but he didn’t expect that Gabi Toth hits him, and even before his production. Benji, the pankrátor, came to the show with […]

Velvet – Gumicukor – Sándor Révész testified about his condition, György Korda testified about his marriage, Dundika burst into tears

In the last news summary of the week, you can also read about Lili Bavaria, Edina Gombos’ fears, Gabi Tóth’s Transylvanian concert tour and Ramóna Lékai-Kiss’s holiday. Dundika Hajnalka Majoros admits to being a less emotional woman, but the model burst into tears at her little son’s kindergarten graduation. Oli walked out of kindergarten today. […]