Gabi Tóth: Welcome to the anthem of the 100th Hungarian Derby!

The clip art was taken in Treasure Park. Gabi Tóth In April, she announced that she would be the hostess of the 100th Hungarian Derby on July 3, and later it turned out that she would sing the start of the event. The song in question has been recorded in the meantime, and a clip […]

Gabi Tóth can be seen in her latest photo in a homemade blessed t-shirt

Of course, the matyó embroidery did not lag behind either. Gabi Tóth he has been processing more and more folk songs in recent times, most recently for example With Papal Jocival sang together, but recently, for example, in a national dress sang a The copper cannon of Áron Gábor is. Matyo embroidery also pops up […]

Gabi Tóth celebrates Good Friday with Reformed singing

He posted a Reformed song titled Good Friday on his Instagram page Tóth Gabi. Hans Leo Hassler a German composer shared a work written in 1601 with his followers. As is well known, the singer is a religious practitioner who has spoken several times in interviews that faith has been a part of her life […]

Gabi Tóth also has an adopted mother

Revealed a family secret a Blikknek Gabi Tóth. The 34-year-old singer first talked about having an adopted mother. Gabi Tóth is going on a summer tour for the first time in her life – Photo: Press room He confessed this to the tabloid when he was asked in an interview who to turn to for […]

Would Gabi Tóth be pregnant? –

A Star in the star Dallos Bogi dropped out on Sunday’s show, but that’s not the only reason the show was memorable. Gabi Tóth performed his new song, which Papal Jocico-produced with. However, the production did not arouse the audience’s interest because of the duet, because everyone was busy with the singer’s belly. Gabi Tóth […]

This is how Gabi Tóth’s little daughter uses the word mother

In her latest blog post, the singer writes about how her little daughter, Hannarosa, can say “mother”. “There is the Hour Mother. It is mostly used when, for example, a box of wound dressing is applied to me. ” Gabi Tóth starts the line, adding that if her little girl gets bored of the “wound […]

Velvet – Gumicukor – Gabi Tóth: Anesthesia is still a nightmare

Gábor Tóth’s little daughter Hannaróza celebrated her second birthday in early December. The singer now revealed in a blog post that there have been difficulties these two years. The singer confessed that she was terrified of anesthesia, so much so that she would strain her stomach in the afternoon if she thought about their evening […]