German ambassador opens new Trabi exhibition at the Großglockner!

Salzburg (OTS) – In the visitor center on Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, guests can visit a number of exhibitions. Among them the highest automobile and motorcycle exhibition in the world! Part of it is the new special exhibition “Trabi rush on the Grossglockner – pure freedom of travel on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall […]

Travel industry outraged by government decision to cancel corona

Berlin The German Travel Association (DRV) has reacted sharply to government plans for voluntary travel vouchers in the corona crisis. “The cabinet’s decision simulates an act of the federal government that is not there in reality. This is a pseudo-solution that does not solve the problems of the travel industry, ”said DRV President Norbert Fiebig. […]

60 percent of all tourism companies before bankruptcy

DThe economic situation of the travel industry in the Corona crisis has worsened further, according to the industry association DRV. The association now expects sales to drop by at least EUR 10.8 billion by mid-June. “The business of travel agencies and tour operators has almost completely come to a standstill as a result of governmental […]

Summer vacation: Despite Corona, school trips are well booked

Germany summer holidays Despite Corona, youth trips are well booked Alone on a long journey – millions of students and trainees across Germany are looking forward to it. At the beginning of the year, children’s and youth tour operators registered bookings growth – and despite the Corona crisis, there are hardly any cancellations. As of […]

Canceled because of Corona: If tour operators don’t pay

travel Canceled for Corona If the tour operator doesn’t pay the money Actually, the thing is clear: if the tour operator cancels the booked vacation or flight, customers get their money back. But at the moment some are waiting in vain for the repayment. What can vacationers do? As of April 20, 2020 | Reading […]

Tour operators pay: holidaymakers get cash

MHonorable tour operators now want to reimburse their customers for payments for unusual vacation packages instead of just offering vouchers. In doing so, they are reacting to the fact that the Federal Government’s prospect of replacing cash payments has not yet existed. After Alltours had rushed ahead and wanted to pay off all trips canceled […]

Corona: We will appreciate freedom of travel again after the crisis

Dhe EU external border: tight for tourists. The German passport, which normally opens doors all over the world, does not even allow people to cross the border with Poland or Austria. A Chancellor who forbids vacation without batting an eyelid. Schleswig-Holstein, which blocks all islands overnight and imposes a complete entry ban on tourists. The […]

Tourism to Corona: where will the journey go in the future?

MA tiny virus is currently bringing tourism to its knees worldwide. Is the comeback successful and what will our vacation look like after the crisis? Four experts from the travel industry give very different answers. Is the desire to travel immortal? Will there be even more trips, catch up if the current restrictions are lifted? […]

Holidays in Corona times: cancel or rebook?

DIs 2020 going to be a summer without vacation trips? Many Germans are asking themselves this question. In any case, those wishing to travel must be flexible this year when it comes to planning. Even if the curfews currently applicable nationwide are relaxed or lifted – the Federal Foreign Office has issued a worldwide travel […]

The travel industry is on the verge of collapse

Ralf Wiemann is the managing director of the tour operator erlebe-fernreisen and, as a member of the board of AER cooperation, represents 430 of the approximately three thousand tour operators in Germany and 730 of the approximately thirteen thousand travel agencies. It’s not a good time for his industry. Borders have been closed, airplanes are […]