Appearance of Daniele Ganser in Offenbach: Initiative calls for a ban

The event by Daniele Ganser on March 29 in Offenbach caused displeasure with an initiative. In an open letter to the city, she demands that the performance be canceled. The self-proclaimed peace researcher Daniele Ganser is scheduled to appear on March 29 in the Offenbach town hall. The controversial Swiss is currently stopping in several […]

Martin Rütter | “He just wants to play!”

HE JUST WANTS TO PLAY!THE NEW LIVE TOUR WITH MARTIN RÜTTER For 25 years there is Martin Ruetter on an animal-human mission. Always on behalf of the dogs. And to enlighten their owners. A quarter of a century dedicated to better understanding between two and four-legged friends. A quarter of a century with […]

Official Portal of the City Hall of Campos dos Goytacazes

Rewrite this content Through the Assistance Program for Patients with Asthma and Rhinitis (Proapar), the Municipal Health Department guarantees free and appropriate treatment for people with respiratory diseases. Implemented in 2009, during the government of former mayor Rosinha Garotinho, the program has more than 5,000 registered patients, ranging from babies to the elderly. Until 2011, […]

Error in Cultural Agenda

Ayto.Granada MENU CITY TOWN HALL SERVICES TOURISM ELECTRONIC HEADQUARTERS Activities Agenda Libraries Cultural Centers Huerta de San Vicente Manuel de Falla Auditorium Isabel la Católica Theater Cultural Programs Granada Unesco City of Literature Error on page Error HTTP Web Server: Excepcin de IBM Notes – Entry not found in index You can: (Go to Cultural […]

Autonomous City of Ceuta – 7.12. DISCOVER THE ART OF FLAMENCO.

Through different activities guided by members of the Flamenco Gathering, the students will be shown the fundamental principles of the art of flamenco singing. Recipients: Second and third cycle students of Primary Education. Goals: • Introduce students to flamenco and its relationship with Spanish culture. • Promote artistic and cultural sensitivity. • Make known the […]

The PRC claims the City Council for debts for non-payment of port fees…

The regionalist group in the Astillero City Council has registered a battery of questions about the port taxes of the Orconera and San José docks addressed to the mayor, Javier Fernández Soberón, for his answer in plenary session next Thursday. Specifically, the regionalists want to know the degree of compliance with the agreement adopted by […]

Moderate in Offenbach: escapism in the club

GIs there a more appropriate picture? On the backstage screen, hands and arms, white on black. The X-ray image changes to views of veins: this human innermost being visualized in the music by Moderat, which turns all bones and muscles from left to right and back again with rich basses and catchy melodies. The medical […]

Anies’ story Farewell at City Hall Residents flock to come

Jakarta – Anies Baswedan recalled his farewell moments as Governor of DKI Jakarta last week. Anies admitted that he never expected the enthusiasm of the public to let him go at City Hall so high. The moment was told by Anies Baswedan while attending the Go-Anies National Working Meeting and reading the pledge of determination […]

Official Portal of the Municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes

The unusual increase in cases of Influenza A, one of the flu viruses, recently in São Paulo sparked the alert of the country’s health authorities. In Campos, vaccination remains open to the entire population from 6 months of age. The measure aims to expand vaccination coverage since only 114,146 people, including priority public, sought one […]