Who is Margareth Menezes, Lula’s new culture minister in Brazil?

By Figaro with AFP Posted 9 hours ago, Update 9 hours ago Singer Margareth Menezes is appointed Minister of Culture by Brazilian President Lula. AFP/Evaristo Sa The new president, who will take office on January 1, has taken on a samba and Afro-pop icon who has worked with Jimmy Cliff in particular. After Gilberto Gil […]

booksellers face the specter of censorship

Faced with growing bans or restrictions, they fear the return of bans as in the Soviet era, in full hardening of power accompanying the military offensive in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the conflict, the Russian authorities have reinforced their control over the information circulating in the media, on social networks, but also in artistic […]

Plans, galleys, moped breakdowns… When Frank Margerin takes a bite out of Renaud

Renaud’s favorite cartoonist returns with a new musical box set with illustrated pockets dedicated to the singer. “In my comics, there are a lot of Renaud plans, galleys, moped breakdowns.” Between the designer Frank Margerin and the bandana singer, the story is not new. But it is expanding with the release of a nine-disc box […]

Kevin Spacey charged with new sexual assaults in UK

The American star will have to answer new charges, announced the service of the prosecutor of the Crown. Including that of forcing a young man “to engage in non-consensual sexual intercourse”. American actor Kevin Spacey, already prosecuted by British justice for sexual assaults on three men, will have to answer new charges for the same […]

Kaaris, accused of domestic violence, summoned to the criminal court

The rapper from Sevran, targeted by an investigation following the accusations of his ex-girlfriend Linda P., was placed in police custody this Wednesday, November 9. Rapper Kaaris, accused of domestic violence, was summoned to the criminal court of Evry (Essonne) on November 10, 2023 for violence against a spouse with an ITT of more than […]

On the stage of Toulon, the Small country of Gaël Faye comes to life

In his first novel, the artist recounted the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda from the point of view of Gaby, a child. Already adapted to the cinema, the work is now staged by Frédéric Fisbach at the Liberté theater in Toulon. This is the story of a book which, six years after its release, […]

Paid parking in Draguignan: what it costs the city

“LPaid parking is just to fill the coffers of the town hall.” If this thought, generally heard, can be true in places, this is not the case in Draguignan. Here, making parking pay in parking lots and downtown streets is losing money. Thus, in 2020, the City collected 85,549.75 euros in post-parking packages (FPS, the […]

We know which brand will settle in place of the old press house in Draguignan

Hands still in the grease, but stars in her eyes, Norma Marino has been swarming for several days in the old press house, on boulevard Clemenceau. “There will be a fitting room with lots of mirrors so that customers can see themselves from all angles”she begins. “Here, an Italian delicatessen corner, adorned with a bar… […]

Digital Week | City of Brussels

From 10 to 21 October 2022 in various locations in Brussels. The Digital Week is a participatory and decentralized event that defends education in digital media, the appropriation of the Internet and digital tools by the general public. As every year, the City of Brussels joins and participates in this Digital Week. Events will be […]