“EU Christian Democrats Push for Ukraine’s Immediate NATO Membership”

EU Christian Democrats: Ukraine should join NATO as soon as possible The Christian Democrats in the European Parliament want Ukraine to join NATO as soon as possible after the end of the war. It is in the interest of the West to grant Ukraine NATO membership as soon as possible, according to a position paper […]

Former World Chess Champion Kasparov Doubts Russian Staging in Drone Incident

Drone incident: Kasparov does not believe in Russian staging The Russian government critic and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov (60) does not believe that the drone incident on the Kremlin premises in Moscow was a Russian staging. “I doubt the popular version that it was a KGB provocation. I have no problem imagining the […]

“The war will end with a negotiated settlement”

David Petraeus “The Russians have turned out to be even more clumsy than many expected.” (Photo: dpa) Geneva Ahead of the February 24 anniversary of the Russian invasion, Moscow is intensifying its attacks. In an interview with the Handelsblatt, David Petraeus warns of the force of the coming military strikes: Although there have been considerable […]

Russia is trying to take control of gas exports to China

Rewrite this content Gas production in Turkmenistan In some cases, Turkmenistan was no longer able to bring gas to Uzbekistan because the sub-zero temperatures made production impossible. (Foto: picture alliance/dpa) Berlin Parts of Central Asia are currently experiencing one of the coldest winters in decades, with temperatures sometimes falling below minus 30 degrees Celsius. Uzbekistan in […]

Education of millions of Ukrainian students is suffering

Rewrite this content NEW YORK 1.9 million schoolchildren in Ukraine would only follow the lessons virtually, 1.3 million would use the digital offers in part. But this type of education is also in danger because of the Russian attacks on the infrastructure: power outages mean a “constant challenge” for the schools. “Millions of children have […]

Russia’s economy is threatened with collapse

Rewrite this content Russian National Bank According to official figures, the Russian economy is doing better than expected, but a look at the details reveals abysses. (Photo: IMAGO/ITAR-TASS) Berlin A bunker mentality has long prevailed in Russia’s economic and financial world. In the truest sense, the Russian government now meets regularly underground to discuss the […]

EU wants to cap the price of Russian oil at $60

Zurich, Brussels, Riga The EU is about to decide on a price cap for Russian oil. According to the ideas of the Commission and the Member States, Russia should in future receive a maximum of 60 dollars per barrel of oil. The upper limit was disputed until recently. Poland and the Baltic states demanded that […]

US fears more arms deliveries from Iran to Russia

WASHINGTON In October, the US government denounced that combat drones from Iran were being used in the Ukraine war – and that Tehran had sent its own military personnel to Crimea to train the Russians in how to use the drones and to offer them technical assistance. Kirby again raised serious allegations against Iran on […]

China greatest danger, Russia ‘acute’ threat

WASHINGTON Russia, on the other hand, is classified as an “acute” threat. The word was chosen carefully, Austin emphasized. “Unlike China, Russia cannot systematically challenge the United States in the long term,” Austin said. “But Russian aggression is a direct and acute threat to our interests and values.” With regard to the use of American […]

US pledges more military aid to Ukraine

WASHINGTON Most of the aid has been granted since the beginning of the war on February 24th. In recent months, the Americans have launched various aid packages for Ukraine on a large scale and in rapid succession. Their initial focus was on delivering weapons and ammunition to the front in Ukraine as quickly as possible […]