Mud flooded the highway. Martina got stuck in the car with her 12-year-old daughter

Nearly 300 people were trapped on Highway 7 near Lake Agassiz, Canada, by massive landslides and muds caused by heavy rains and bad weather. Together with her 12-year-old daughter Nikola, Mrs. Martina Martínková also got stuck in the car. Massive mudslides and landslides blocked Highway Seven on Sunday night near Canadian Lake Agassiz, located in […]

Weddings: The bride is too hrrr! How does the groom handle it?

Klára and Michal’s wedding was full of emotions! The bride leaned against the first kiss, and the groom could barely keep up. Can he seduce a spirited bride? On Thursday, viewers of Nova TV could watch another part of the program Svatba at first sight, where the wedding of another couple took place. This time, […]