Communication armageddon, the whole of Olsztyn is still standing. European Championship, road collisions and renovation of ul. Grunwaldzka

Currently, Olsztyn is completely paralyzed in terms of communication. In the area of ​​ul. Sielska and ul. Kapitańska is hosting the European Triathlon Championship, Grunwaldzka Street is being renovated and in the center, at ul. Dworcowa, in Gutków and in Zatorze there were road collisions. Drivers driving around Olsztyn today (Friday, May 27) must have […]

Traffic jam forecast: Wednesday and Thursday it will be tight on the Cologne Ring

Köln – The ADAC North Rhine anticipates the heaviest traffic load on the NRW motorways during the Christmas season on December 22nd and 23rd. “Travellers have to be prepared for delays, especially in the afternoons of the two days. Then family visitors, vacationers and commuters will be on the road at the same time,” says […]

More than 1000 construction sites are slowing down traffic on motorways

May 16, 2022 at 2:55 p.m Traffic jam forecasts for Germany : More than 1000 construction sites are slowing down traffic on the Autobahn München/Düsseldorf This coming weekend, numerous construction sites in particular will put drivers on the motorways to the test. According to ADAC, there are currently more than 1000 in total. When the […]