Volkswagen is following Ford’s example and introducing hybrid propulsion in one of its most successful commercial vehicles, the Multivan, the brand’s press department told Vezess. The drive chain, which so far consists exclusively of diesels, is sure to be complemented by a plug-in version. The front-wheel drive minivan with the eHybrid system is propelled exclusively in electric mode and travels in zero-emission mode for as long as possible.

The turbocharged petrol (TSI) engine engages at low battery levels and in higher speed ranges. The hybrid Multivan lithium-ion battery, which can be ordered in up to seven versions, is built into the floor. This not only saves space, but also has a positive effect on driving characteristics, as it lowers the center of gravity of the model. The energy storage unit can be charged via the connector on the right front fender.

Although technical details have not yet been revealed by Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle division, all you know for sure is that the car will be able to be charged at both a public electric charging station and a home wall charger (Wallbox). However, the manufacturer promises that the unadulterated feeling of Multivan will not hurt a lot, users will only notice so much change that they can make their travels more economical and sustainable than before.

The Multivant, which will be built with the new eHybrid system, is expected to be unveiled at the end of the year, and in the meantime, several important details may become known.