Garda promotes German – “Our place is immune”

The tourism industry in Italy, hopes that this year, in spite of Corona on a great number of tourists from Germany. The mayor of a place on lake Garda stir the advertising drum. Italy is one of the most popular vacation countries of the Germans – but also to the European countries, the most difficult […]

Summer vacation 2020: Heiko Maas – video

In an interview with WELT, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas defends the decision to extend the global travel warning to June 14. Even if a travel warning is not a travel ban, the federal government will not repeat further return campaigns in the summer, said Maas. © Axel Springer SE. All rights reserved. .

Holidays in Germany possible this summer

Does your vacation fall completely in the water this year? There is now another signal from the federal government. However, certain things will remain taboo for the foreseeable future. Photo series with 10 pictures The Federal Government has announced a cautious opening for the tourism industry, which has been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus […]

Holidays in Corona times: cancel or rebook?

DIs 2020 going to be a summer without vacation trips? Many Germans are asking themselves this question. In any case, those wishing to travel must be flexible this year when it comes to planning. Even if the curfews currently applicable nationwide are relaxed or lifted – the Federal Foreign Office has issued a worldwide travel […]

Italy’s death toll rises to 1809, Pope walks empty streets

Pope Francis ventured into abandoned Rome to pray at two shrines for the end of the coronavirus pandemic, as Italy saw a massive fifth increase in deaths in a single day. The country’s death toll rose 368 to 1809 on Sunday, a one-day record death rate and more than half of all cases recorded outside […]

Which countries are safe from virus outbreak?

While at home, Australians are encouraged to do business as usual, it’s a different matter for travelers. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has again extended the Australian travel ban to Italian people following a similar ban on South Korea, China and Iran. In addition to level 4 warnings for China, Iran, Italy, and parts of South […]

Coronavirus reportedly kills 180 North Korean soldiers

North Korea has reportedly lost 180 soldiers to coronavirus, including thousands in quarantine. The North Korean military reported on Friday that its medical corps had sent a report to military leaders about the effects of COVID-19 on the country’s soldiers, according to a Daily NK insider. According to the shocking report, 180 soldiers died in […]

The only countries without COVID-19

Only three countries in Europe do not yet have a corona virus. Albania, Montenegro and Turkey are the only countries that have not confirmed the fatal infection because it is rapidly becoming common across the continent. Italy’s known number of COVID-19 cases has sneaked beyond that of South Korea and is the country with the […]