We analyze three vertical ironing centers to use at home | Showcase

Our expert has chosen the model Philips ComfortTouch Plus GC558 / 30 as the best ironing center of the three analyzed for the excellent results it offers when ironing clothes. One of the tasks that can be more tedious at home is ironing. Furthermore, not everyone performs equally and possesses the same skills when picking […]

Spain’s 10-year financing cost triples in just two months | Markets

The debt market has become a thermometer to measure the impact of the health crisis on the economy. In addition to the activity of investors in the secondary market, in recent weeks there have been operations carried out in the primary market by both public and private issuers. Here the Spanish Treasury has been especially […]

The coronavirus could have caused three times as many deaths in Italy as reported

Italians have an appointment on the screens of their devices every day at 6:00 p.m., when Civil Protection offers the official bulletin with the latest data from the coronavirus pandemic: hospitalized, admitted to the ICU, cured, new infected … Among the figures offered by this institution is, of course, the number of deaths. They would […]

Transparency in the fashion industry triples since 2016 | Style

Fashion is gradually learning about human rights. The second most polluting industry on the planet is also one of the most difficult to publicize its supply chain. Excessive consumption is one of its big problems, something that has sponsored the boom of fast fashion. The April 2013 disaster of the Rana Plaza, a textile manufacturing […]

Zion Williamson stars in a mighty NBA premiere | sports

Zion Williamson It left the stamp of the greatest stars in its premiere in the NBA. The 19-year-old, the one who has raised the most expectations since the appearance of LeBron James in 2003, marveled in the blink of an eye, in just six and a half minutes of the last quarter. In that short […]

A triple tie announces a complicated government in Ireland

The bipartisanship of the Irish political system would have fractured if the ballot account that begins this Sunday is close to the result of a public polling of public radio, RTÉ and other media, which gives Fine Gael 22.4% of first preferences , to Sinn Féin, 22.3%, and Fianna Fail, 22.2%. The Green Party is […]

the number of cases tripled on the ship quarantined in Japan

The cruise is no longer fun. Friday, February 5, the number of reported cases of coronavirus tripled to 61 on the liner Diamond princess quarantined in Japan. The country’s authorities will now examine more occupants on board. The cruise ship, which arrived Monday February 3 near the port of Yokohama, has some 3,700 passengers and […]

Djokovic, from hell to Australian heaven | sports

When the nightmare is over, the door of paradise opens. Novak Djokovic He turns to his bench and expels a thousand demons through the victorious mouth, but Dominic Thiem has turned his night into hell. Nicolás Massú, the Austrian coach, tears escape from his eyes while his boy ceremoniously attends the eighth enthronement of the […]

The adductor of Mirotic obscures Barça’s triple traffic against Zenit | sports

Barça: Delaney (21), Kuric (21), Claver (6), Mirotic (15), Davies (4) – initial team; Hanga (0), Smits (0), Heurtel (8), Oriola (6), Abrines (3) and Tomic (6). Zenit St. Petersburg: Renfroe (1), Voronov (2), Abromaitis (9), Will Thomas (7), Ayón (16) – initial team-; Iverson (0), Albicy (16), Ponkrashov (0), Hollins (5), Balashov (4), Pushkov […]