Alexander Vindman: witness who spoke against Trump fired from work | United States News

In an accelerated purge of Donald Trump’s critics in the days after his acquittal of political trial, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who challenged Trump to give public testimony during the political trial investigation, was removed from his post at the House Blanca on Friday afternoon. Vindman, an expert in Ukraine on the national security council, […]

The great escape: how Donald Trump survived the political trial | United States News

Do historians consider Donald Trump’s accusation remarkable because Republican politicians turned a blind eye to such misdeeds and acquitted him? Or will they find it remarkable because it was the last time a group of Republican officials turned publicly against Trump? While most career officials who challenged the president in testifying in the political trial […]

Chuck Schumer scolds Kamala Harris for laughing

An awkward exchange between Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Kamala Harris became a viral sensation on Friday amid the impeachment trial of President Trump in the Senate. Schumer, accompanied by Mrs. Harris, Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator Patty Murray, held a press conference on Friday while Democrats continued to pressure Senate Republicans to […]