Why Özil’s resignation and DFB criticism split Germany

Dusseldorf Mesut Özil. That was once a brilliant footballer. One who recognized the gaps like no other and who with precise passports punished every positional error that the opposing defense. One who became world champion, who celebrated the German, Spanish and English cup wins with his clubs – and who had been among the best […]

Dozens of Turkish soldiers die in a bombing in the Syrian province of Idlib

The Turkish Army has executed a series of bombings against Syrian Army targets in the early hours of Friday in response to the death of 22 Turkish soldiers in an attack in Damascus in the province of Idlib (northwest). According to information provided by the Turkish newspaper ‘Daily Sabah’, the targets attacked are in the […]

The death of five Turkish soldiers raises tension in Syria

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ultimatum had no effect and five Turkish soldiers were killed and many others were injured in a bombing of the Syrian Army in the province of Idlib, located on the border. Twelve Turkish soldiers have already fallen in a week and Ankara’s presidential spokesman Omar Celik said that “these attacks against our […]