Adam Price, from shadow to light

How to envisage the after? What meaning to give to existence after an upsetting event? In the name of the Father ((Ride Upon the Storm in original version), co-produced with Arte France, is timely in our tormented and soon deconfined lives. “This second season shows how we manage to overcome very difficult things. It resonates […]

family in all its forms

Confinement puts families to the test, between working at a distance (or not), school at home, and everything in between. Video-on-demand services, which provide sometimes welcome breaks to households, are working harder to woo family audiences. They trump record numbers in this favorable period for screens. As Disney + surpassed 50 million subscribers, Netflix attracted […]

“Burning Your Wings”, the flight of a city bird

In the HLM city where they grew up, in Motherwell near Glasgow (Scotland), they are nicknamed “Scheme birds”. The expression, which gives its original title to this documentary (much more poetic and eloquent than the French formulation “To burn your wings”), could be translated as “city birds” or “neighborhood lads”. With no diplomas, no jobs, […]

Film “The Driven” – Almost a Canonization – Media

The film’s last word is “shit”. Angela Merkel says it after one hour, 56 minutes and 58 seconds. She says it at the end of a long, well-worth seeing, gripping ARD film about the refugee crisis of summer 2015. The Chancellor says it quietly, grimly and furrowed. She says it after storming out of Hall […]

“If you see my mother”, the archetype of the “Jewish mother”

Abusive mothers have long been the honey of filmmakers and creators of series. Jealous, manipulative, suffocating, disliked or unlovable, even downright unworthy, they exert their grip on their offspring, from horror films to the most joyful comedies. In 1989, in Le Oedipus plot, one of the three sketches of New york stories, Woody Allen imagined […]

Simone Signoret, the quiet force

She began with the roles of femme fatales, agreed to see herself age under the magnifying glass of the camera, composed with her physical disgrace in the service of unforgettable characters (in The cat facing Jean Gabin; in Madame Rosa in The life ahead) and ends up recognized as a writer. A free woman, she […]

Tested against memories of youth

The time of friends Friday, February 28 At 8:50 p.m. on Arte High school buddies Alex, Paul and Ole hadn’t crossed paths for ages. They find themselves around a wacky project: to cross Germany aboard a Golf 1 (the first version of the famous automobile brand) to attend a concert by Madness, a group they […]

“Almanya, welcome to Germany”, the story of a family from Anatolia to the FRG

Almanya, welcome to Germany Monday, February 24, at 8:55 p.m. on Arte During a family meal, Hüseyin and his wife Fatma announce two big news to their children and grandchildren: they have just obtained German nationality and have bought a house in Turkey where they want to take their descendants for the next holidays . […]

Teachers and happy to be

We got used to talking about teacher malaise. And it is true that too often, in the teachers’ room, morale is not there. Moreover, according to the latest barometer of one of their unions, just over a quarter of teachers would recommend to a loved one to embrace their profession … → READ. Innovative teachers […]